best 14 inch embroidery hoop

14 inch embroidery hoop

The embroidery hoop is one of the most basic tools of the professional embroiderer. It’s used for many kinds of projects, like applique, quilting, and sewing machine embroidery. Due to its flexibility, it is the perfect tool for many kinds of stitch patterns.

14 inch embroidery hoops are excellent for large projects and will display your piece attractively and professionally. The large size allows for a larger work area and the clear acrylic makes it easy to see and work with your project.

The 14″ can also be the perfect size for large home decor, quilting projects, and tablecloths. While this size is so large it will take longer to stitch a big design.

Best Choice- WOWOSS Embroidery Hoops

Cheapest– Cousin DIY Craft Wood Embroidery Hoop

Allrounder- Dritz Plastic made No-Slip Quilting Hoop

8 Top 14 inch embroidery hoop

We have added sone top options of 14 inch embroidery hoops which will help you in your task and can be ideal.

1. WOWOSS Embroidery Hoops

This 14 inch bamboo embroidery ring features convenient, easy-to-use, simple, and durable construction. Each hoop is a pleasure to handle because it is made from bamboo with no burrs and polished to a smooth finish. You can use this DIY tool to stitch a special craft as a beginner, for yourself, for friends, or for your loved one.

In order to use it, loosen the outer screw, lay the inside hoop right out, then put the cloth inside it. Finally, put the outer hoop on the inside hoop. Keep flattening the cloth and tucking the welt and warp in both vertically and horizontally as you tighten the screws, and flatten the cloth again to ensure no pleats are present.

Check that the hoops are tight enough. In order to check the tightness of the cloth, poke a needle through the surface with a piece of thread. Having a bang bang sound when the thread is pulled is acceptable.


  • Bamboo is a natural fiber. It is flexible, durable, free of an unpleasant odor, and environmentally friendly.
  • The smooth finish on embroidery hoops makes for a perfect hand feel, so embroidery fans will enjoy using them.
  • Six cross stitch hoops, a nice size of around 14 inches (35 cm), enough to cover your needs.
  • This multipurpose fabric is great for cross-stitch, hand embroidery, crochet, sewing, fabric painting, and many more crafts.
  • By loosening the outer screw, laying flat the inner hoop, and placing the cloth over that, you can then place the outer hoop on top.

2. Dritz 3203 Plastic No-Slip Quilting Hoop

This Morgan hoop is one of the popular hoops of this 14 inch embroidery hoop size. It has the perfect diameter and look wise it is tremendous as well.

You can use it like any other normal hoop since nothing complicated has been added to this brand hoop. Morgan believes you should invest your efforts in the project not on materials.


  • Neither No-Slip Hoops nor their patented tongue-and-groove construction will slide off your project, 
  • Since a tongue and groove configuration secures the fabric securely between the inner and outer rings as you work. 
  • It No-Slip
  • the project can’t move until you loosen the outer ring and remove the inner ring, so it keeps taut while you work on it. 
  • It measures 14″ and is made of plastic.

3. Caydo 3 Pieces Large Wooden Floral Hoop

This set of three large gold craft hoop rings is perfect for displaying embroidery, making floral wreaths, dream catchers, macrame projects, and hanging plants.

Handle all your creative projects with this large bamboo floral hoop, which comes in three sizes (10/12/14 inches). If you do not have any materials to work with, you may consider using materials such as lace, cotton string, ribbon, foliage, and flowers. Your ornaments are made more eye-catching by the beautiful gold color.


  • Contains three different sized craft hoops: about 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches.
  • Golden Appearance: Golden color enhances the texture and beauty of the flower
  • Plants and ribbons can be wrapped around needlecraft to make your own decor using a DIY craft hoop
  • These craft hoops can be used to make home ornaments, including floral hoop wreaths, dream catchers, macrame projects, wedding wreaths, embroidery displays, plant hangers, and so on.
  • A wooden bamboo floral hoop that is smooth, sturdy, and without burrs made of bamboo.

4. YCDC Embroidery Hoop

Designed specifically for jewelry and crafts purposes, these hoop frames cannot be used as embroidery hoops. The ancient Chinese invented it and used it for thousands of years, especially for royal or imperial costumes. They are made of Chinese natural bamboo.


  • The hoop is made out of natural bamboo and metal, the diameter is 36CM/14”. Package Includes: 1 Embroidery Hoop
  • Great for needlepoint, fabric painting and a variety of other crafts.
  • When cross stitching or embroidering, hold fabric taut.
  • Simple, yet convenient and practical
  • Embroidered clothes of various sizes are available in different sizes.

5. Frank A. Edmunds Round Wood Quilt Hoop

Another hoop that is very popular is the Frank A. Edmunds. The smoothness of the body is really noticeable.

Solid hardwood quilt hoops with smooth surfaces and rounded edges from Frank Edmunds 14-inch Round Quilt Hoops. Basswood ring with solid wood block closure and 4-inch plated metal tension bolts. Keeps your work tight and wrinkle-free. Approximately 1 1/4 inches high, this quilting hoop is lightweight and easy to use.


  • The diameter is 14 inches and the height is 1 1/4 inches
  • The edges are rounded and the surface has a smooth sanded finish
  • The closure consists of solid wood blocks made out of basswood
  • With the help of a 4-inch plated tension bolt, your work will be secure and wrinkle-free
  • Quilts easily with light weight fabric

6. Morgan Products No- Slip Hoop

Dritz is the only plastic made hoop in this list, so if you feel comfortable using plastic made hoops, you can get a look at it.

Dritz’s 14-inch Quilting No-Slip Hoop can make your sewing experience more efficient and pleasant. With a 4-inch wing nut and bolt, this quilting hoop is made of smooth plastic. Your needle arts fabrics will be contained thanks to its unique interlocking design. In addition to its hand-free design for easy quilting, the hoop is conveniently tightened by adjusting the wing nut.


  • Interlocking design unique to this product
  • Maintains a rigid hold on fabrics
  • Durable, smooth, strong
  • 14″ No Slip Hoop is included in the package

7. Frank A. Edmunds German Quilting Hoop

According to some reports, it has a very high usage among makers of this variety.

Hand quilters will be delighted with the Klass & Gessmann line of premium Quilting Hoops. They are constructed of sturdy beechwood and look exceptional. Solid wood block and 15/16″ wide band provide stability. It is built to last for years – the Klass & Gessmann.


  • Hand quilters will not want to live without Klass & Gessmann premium quilting hoops
  • They are extremely smooth thanks to the beechwood
  • Work won’t be stolen
  • A solid wood block and a 15/16″ wide band provide stability
  • The Klass & Gessmann are made to last for years.

8. Cousin DIY Craft Wood Embroidery Hoop

The wood used in the construction is of high quality. The diameter of this wooden embroidery hoop bundle is 14 inches. You can use embroidery hoops with any fabric thickness you desire because they have L brackets.


  • Construction using natural wood of high quality
  • Measures 14 inches in diameter, made of wooden embroidery hooHoops for embroidery come with L brackets for versatility with different fabric thicknesses less
  • Fabric edges are evenly tensioned with hoops
  • Quilting, embroidery and needlecraft projects are perfect for this product

In conclusion

you should consider the 14 inch embroidery hoop when you are looking for a product for your large project. It provides enough space for you to create a project for your home. However, you have to be well aware about the size yoy required.

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