Avance embroidery machine review

Avance embroidery machine review

With the rise in popularity of embroidery machines in recent years, small businesses looking to manufacture more products at a lower cost have been flocking to them. However, if there are so many options it can be confusing to know where to start.

AVANCE is a well-known machine for commercial use nowadays. However, whether it is suitable for you or not, you may want to know more about it. That is why you have chosen to read my Avance embroidery machine review. Throughout this blog, I have attempted to provide you with detailed information about advancement.

AVANCÉ is a multi-function machine for small and medium embroidery companies. It is a single-head embroidery machine that can be used as a wide range of embroidery machines. It is suitable for small embroidery companies because it can automatically produce embroidery products with the help of a single embroidery head.

About the company Avance

In this industry, the Avance embroidery machine is a relative newcomer. It was probably between 5 and 6 years ago that this machine brand first emerged. 

Where are Avance embroidery machines made?

The price range of Avance embroidery machines is very cheap as compared with any other commercial embroidery machine. The machines are made in China.

Variants of avance commercial embroidery machine

The market offers two options of Avance embroidery machines, both of which are very popular.

  1. 1501C 
  • 10″ Touch Screen 
  • Advanced Feature Set 
  • Onboard Lettering
  1. 1201C 
  • 12 Needles 
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Portable

Overview of Avance embroidery machine

You might want to consider Avance for your next commercial system so this might help you a lot. As a basis for this overture, I am considering the Avance 1501c. 


Advance 1501c is a machine with 15 needles. Having 15 needles does not only refer to 15 needles out of the bottom but also to the ability to hold up to 15 spools of thread. This is great for a commercial application. Therefore, you do not need to change thread spools frequently with an Avance threading machine.

Thread break sensor:

The thread break sensor on Avance machines is automatically activated when a thread breaks. While stitching out a job, you should have a thread break as soon as the job ends, otherwise, the job will continue stitching, wasting time and material. If a thread breaks during the restitching process, the Avante system stops so that you can handle it.

Thread guides:

Built-in thread guides prevent the threads up top from getting tangled, especially when you’re moving.


Two and a half feet wide and two and a half feet deep, it’s just a little over two and a half feet long.

Stand on wheels

It has very sturdy wheels, so it is extremely portable. On the bottom, there’s a little storage space. Even though it’s on a stand, the Avance is tabletop-ready. The whole thing will be able to be pulled into a closet or wheeled into a corner of your home office or studio.


As Advance has a powerful light, you can see your design as it gets closer to the stitches. You can also see how the stitching is progressing regardless of whether it matches your digitizing efforts.

Control panel

It has a nice big LCD display with all the information about your job or a picture of your job. You will also find big green stop/start buttons, a red emergency stop button, and other manual controls. These will allow you to rotate designs, assign needle one to color, etc. Many of the functions you’ll need throughout the day are accessible from the control panel.

USB hookup

There is a USB port on the side of the machine. It will allow you to connect an 8GB USB drive – millions of stitches. This machine has a capacity of 200 designs or, I believe, two million stitches, so you can actually store all of your customers’ standard designs right on the machine.

Networkable machine

It is a networkable machine that can be connected to a computer. So that’s just a great part of what’s built into the control panel and into the Avance, you can not see.

All in all

The Avante 1501c comes complete with all the controls onboard that you need to run a commercial embroidery business.

Basics of designing on Avance Commercial Embroidery Machines

You need to put your USB key and the USB slot on the side of the control box.

You’ll need to enter the embroidery status key and you need to exit the previous job by pressing enter.

To input design into memory, you need to choose the key arrow down. Use your position arrow keys and arrow down to the design you wish to import. Highlight the design press set gonna put in design memory 12 on the machine it’s set to escape to get out arrow up to select a design for embroidery it’s a highlight the design you wish to sew enter press the Escape key.

To enter this job’s embroidery status, click the button below. Select this key and press ENTER to enter the embroidery status.

Then switch to the color change key and set the colors to this design. Next, arrow up to needle 1 and type in our first color using the number. The left-hand keypad is where you lock the colors in. Once you’ve done that, hit set to secure them.

Put needle number one on the control panel and make it the active needle by pressing one. Then use the arrow keys to move the needle so it is positioned in the middle of your hoop.

Activate needle one on the control panel when you are ready to position the design in the middle of the hoop. You can use the four-position arrow keys to place the needle in the middle of the hoop or to place it where you want it to sew.

Then select the HOME key arrow down to set start, and this will set the position at which this job will begin. When you press set, the job will start and the contour range check, which is your trace, will confirm that the design fits inside the loop.

 Following these steps will allow you to embroider any design.

To conclude the Avance embroidery machine review

Avance can be your choice for the upcoming business if you want to get a machine on budget with all the preferable features.

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