Best bamboo crochet hooks set

Top 8 Best bamboo crochet hook set

lot of you are new to crochet and maybe putting together your crochet hook collections.

The aluminum and plastic hooks are probably the hooks that you are introduced to first when you start crocheting. The bamboo hooks are popular among unprecedented people.

If you want to get the total idea about bamboo crochet hook and want to know about the best bamboo crochet hook set. You are in the right place.

I have been using all three different kinds now for several years and I feel that there are some definite differences between them.

My first hook was aluminum and then a little while later I found some plastic ones available and it’s only been the last ten years or so that I’ve noticed bamboo hooks being available at least in the area around here. I had started purchasing them and using them.

There is a couple of factors that make a bamboo hook better and user friendly.

Benefits of bamboo crochet hooks

I’ve had the most opportunity to use different hooks and there are three main reasons why I like bamboo hooks versus their metal or plastic counterparts.

light to handle

first and foremost is the weight, if you start using really big hooks for something like a blanket or a rug, you need a larger hook. 

Chances are you have picked up a plastic one versus a metal one I haven’t actually seen too many big metal hooks and the reason for that is its weight.

aluminum can be pretty heavy and the bigger the hook you go, the more weight you have in your hand and if you have any kind of pre-existing problems with your hands you’re going to notice trying to wield a heavy small object over and over and over a.  gain isn’t exactly comfortable.

so bamboo, by contrast, is a really lightweight wood and you can still make a nice big hook and it’ll still be relatively light. so using a small but not so heavy object over and over and over again, especially when you’re doing something heavy like a blanket or a rug you will not get as tired out as quickly as you might if you had the metal hook.

The light weight hook also can extend the crocheting time by reducing the hand fatigue.

Strong and long-lasting

Bamboo crochet hooks are strong which is the reason why people like them. 

Plastic is typically used to make bigger hooks because it’s lightweight but plastic has been known to snap at the worst times right in the middle of a great big project. 

Bamboo is really a strong wood, so it’s lightweight and the natural fiber of a bamboo tree makes them flexible. which means that you can work your way through a big blanket or rug and not worry about your hooks snapping on you. 

Bamboo hooks can last for long period without showing any issue. There is no need to support additionally to maintain a bamboo hook accept store in a safe place.

Smooth finish

over plastic or metal, bamboo hooks are warmth. It’s a small detail and it might not mean a whole lot to some of you.

If you have arthritis or you live in a colder climate, picking up a nice warm wooden hook is a lot more gratifying than picking up a cold metal one, even a cold plastic hook is unbearable in that case.

The skin of the bamboo hooks do not stuck with the fabrics because of the finishing it’s provide.

Resilient natural product

They also get nice in hand while you’re working. they’re finished nicely and don’t have any burrs. you’re not going to get a sliver so working with a nice warm smooth wooden hook just has a certain delight to It.

it’s a lot more pleasurable to work with than a metal one or even a plastic one.

if it’s a plastic hook that has seams on it and you can feel those seams. I don’t like that very much but all of the bamboo hooks are nice, round, and smooth. without burrs, they’re not going to catch on the fine lightweight fabrics when crocheting.

Not slippery as metal

Although metal hooks are the most used crochet hook among the crochet makers, it doesn’t deliver the best outcome in every aspect.

The bamboo hooks never slide away from the hand like aluminum and plastic hooks. Even bamboo hooks give a natural grip to the hand which makes the task easier.

Best bamboo crochet hooks set

crochet project so if it’s a nice warm smooth little tool it’s a lot more pleasurable to work with than a metal one or even a plastic one.

List of the Best bamboo crochet hooks

1. BrilliantKnitting bamboo crochet hooks

BrilliantKnitting brand generally provides bamboo or wooden made crochet hook. In the list of this brand has double ended, lock ended, pointed and double pointed hooks.

This BrilliantKnitting bamboo made Tunisian Afghan Crochet Hook set is combined with double-ended 12 different diameter crochet hooks.

Diameter size: The lowest Metric diameter size of the hook is 3.25 mm and the highest one is 10.0 mm. The Us size is (D-N/3-15).

Detail and comparative sizes of all 12 hooks are: 3.25 mm (US D/3); 3.5 mm (US E/4); 3.75 mm (US F/5); 4.00 mm (US G/6); 4.50 mm (US 7); 5.00 mm (US H/8); 5.50 mm (US I/9); 6.00 mm (US J/10); 6.50 mm (US K/10.5); 8.00 mm (US L/11); 9.00 mm (US M/13); 10.0 mm (US N/15).

Smooth: Smoothness is one of the major reasons people choose bamboo crochet hooks. This brilliantknitting crochet hook set is well finished and the skin is shiny as well. Hooks are perfect for even low-quality wools.

Key Features:

  • Extremely smooth Skin.
  • length of every individual hook is 10 inches long.
  • Double-ended hook set.
  • Metric and US size is marked on hooks.

2. Susan Bates bamboo handle crochet hooks

The hooks of Susan Bates are considered to be the most popular one. There are not too many brands that have a comparable reputation like Susan bates in the needles and hooks world.

Build material: Among the different types of hooks bamboo handle, the hook is likable to those who want some ancient touch in the hook. But if you prefer the full body bamboo hook, this is not ideal.

Smooth: The grip of this bamboo handle crochet hook is good for arthritis. Its sleek smoothness and elegant look make it choice-able to craft lovers. The comfort of the hook also makes it more appealing to everyone.

This hook can be used for rugs and look is premium.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting.
  • Feel smoother and warmer.
  • Flexibility in size.
  • Cheaper in price.

One drawback of this hook is the weight. because of the aluminum head, it’s a little heavier than other bamboo crochet hooks.

3. Clover takumi bamboo crochet hooks

Clover Takumi is undoubtedly the best bamboo crochet hook in the market. Takumi is a Japan based brand and makes many different kinds of crafting tools. Although, the success in the manufacturing field was having after the company’s US line- Clover Needlecraft Inc hand over this brand. The popularity of this brand is not comparable to any other competitor in the field.

Lightweight: The weight of the crochet hook is a significant point since it help the user to work for longer. After working with the hook, crafter felt fatigue in the hand but specialty of a hook can eradicate massively. This clover Takumi is lighter in weight and Doesn’t cause any hark to people what a general hook can do.

Smooth Finish: The shine of the body of any crochet hook helps to knit faster and makes tasks easier. The finishing of the clover Takumi is unbelievable. It is approximate with the aluminum hook.

Hook Head: The crochet hooks one of the main important parts is the head. If the head of a hook is too dull, it will cause the issue to catch the yarn. On the other hand, if the head is too sharp, it will seize the yarn and you will need to release it again and again. The head of this clover Takumi crochet hook is made perfectly. That is also one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this hook.

For a huge knitting project, it is better if the hook is longer or has an external cable facility. This bamboo crochet hook set comes with an interchangeable cable facility.

Key Features:

  • Warmer in touch.
  • Good quality of bamboo.
  • 9 different dimensions of hooks in the pack.
  • have five different sizes of cord. (16″, 24″, 29″, 36″, 48″)
  • Five cord stopper is also available.

4. Addi bamboo crochet hooks

Addi bamboo hooks don’t come in a set but it is possible to purchase, all the hooks and make it a set. Their product may be ideal for some users, that is why I have added this to this list.

Shiny: Although it is not as good as clover Takumi in terms of build quality. For the learning purpose, anyone can rely on the quality of addi. The shine of this hook is also tremendous.

Key Feature:

  • Organized from strong bamboo stock.
  • lightweight.
  • long-lasting.
  • Smoother.
  • There are 16 different sizes.

5. Chiaogoo bamboo crochet hooks

Chiaogoo is another people’s favorite hook producer in the market. This is a Chinese based company and the manufacturing destination is Hangzhou, China.

Warm Body: The material of this hook is lovable and the user feels great when holding the hook. For long time works, this is suitable. The lighter weight of the hook supports a project laboriously.

Build material: Chinese Moso bamboo is one of the strongest bamboos in the world and Chiaogoo hooks are made of this bamboo. This enhances the durability of the hooks.

Key Features:

  • Very smooth.
  • Handle humidity better than aluminum.
  • Alleviate heat and cold 

6. Pony bamboo crochet hooks

Pony produce different type of hooks. Their brand value is not that bad and they have a space of reputation in the crafting tool industry.

This brand does not come in a set like addi. If you want you can make your own set by collecting all the sizes of hooks.

The bamboo hook of the pony brand is well arranged in terms of the smoothness, build quality, and durability of hooks.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Body.
  • Well managed hook head
  • Lightweight

7. KnitPal Tunisian crochet hook

KnitPal is a futuristic hooks and needles producer brand, the reputation of this brand is in a positive slope oriented. It is a newcomer brand in the race.

The cables of this set are really long and the sizes are 16, 24, 32. These facilitate work on shawls, throws, blankets, sweaters, pillowcases.

it comes with 13 different size hooks so it starts at 3 millimeters which is this little small one and it goes to 12 millimeters. This lubricates working on multiple types of yarn and different projects.

  • Best for Beginner.
  •  polished bamboo surface.
  •  Lightweight bamboo.
  • E-book in pack

8. Monrocco bamboo crochet hooks

Rarely you will find anyone who uses monrocco. They are kid in-front of a bid reputed crochet hook manufacturing brand.

This set can be helpful for beginners as they will only use a set to learn knitting nothing special. The price of this set is under 10 dollar. So this much money is payable for a newbie.

The bamboo is lighter in weight and easy to hold because of smooth body surface.

The quality of this product is overall not that bad. Though I prefer it for the newbie, if anyone uses it for professional tasks, they can manage with that. the look of the hooks is premium.

  • Carbonized Bamboo.
  • 12 different sizes from 3.0mm to 10mm.
  • Interchangeable cables.
  • Cheaper in Price

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so to sum up about the Best bamboo crochet hook set

Bamboo hooks are strong, they’re lightweight, smooth, looks nice, and warm to the touch. I love using bamboo hooks especially when I’m working on a long project. That’s not to say that I don’t love all the other books in my collection. They all have a purpose but if you do have a chance when you’re looking for tools in the next little while, get yourself a bamboo hook. I recommend you to try it.

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