Best commercial embroidery machine for small business

12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business

For getting into the race of embroidery production, the first and the most significant thing an originator discover is the need for a Best commercial embroidery machine for small business.

which requires artistic knowledge and a decent amount of financial availability to pick one.

At the moment the market of embroidery is thriving as people are getting more attracted to embroidery products. The beautiful design and productive nature of these products are the main reason behind this.

This huge demand from embroidery requires support from the producer side as well. But after analyzing the demand and supply, there is a noticeable shortage of the producer of embroidery products.

As it is a little tough for a newcomer to choose the best embroidery machine to buy among all the junk in the market, we have come out with some solution.

12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • It is a versatile and powerful machine
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12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • The machine is easy to thread and operate
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613aUWKUBUL. AC SL1200 12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • Have clean touch screen Display and Affordable in price
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12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • Bigger space to design
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61juNeA1JtL. AC SL1200 12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • inbuilt 125 builtin Disney designs and 9 fonts
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61RQCthQQ L. AC SL1200 12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • 103 stitches in the box
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710lRQyRLbL. AC SL1500 12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming system
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91gCk8kAiTL. AC SL1500 12 best commercial embroidery machine for small business in 2023
  • Build quality is superb
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12 Best commercial embroidery machine for small business

Those who are seeking the best commercial embroidery machine for small businesses can get detailed ideas in terms of their requirements.

How to pick a small business embroidery machine

There is some crucial aspect to consider buying an all-rounder machine to embroidered and commercial use. The point you should always remember to accomplish the necessity of small business embroidery machines as follow.

  1. The throat width should be bigger than any ordinary machine since you will use it commercially. There should be the availability of different sizes of hoops with the body. If you think your designs are manageable in a small hoop, it is your personal thought, and nothing wrong with it.
  2. It is better to have a multi needles machine. As it will speed up your work and automatically finish the design without your help considering the instruction.
  3. There should be a clear touch screen display within the machine and it is a plus if you can set up multiple designs on the screen at a time.
  4. The design transferred system should be flexible and the machine should be eligible to put custom design because the customer will ask for a different kind of design. The alphabetical range is another thing you should keep in mind.
  5. The choice of the bran, accessories range, size of the machine depends upon every single individual.

we have categorized the embroidery machines as per your needs. Since some of you want the best starter embroidery machine, few are looking for a machine for heavy use, some seek a budget solution, even some are peeping for the best embroidery machine for a home business or home use.

You can choose the favorable one for you as per the sake of your needs from the given section.

which embroidery machine is best for small business?

Starting a small business in the embroidery industry can be daunting. With so many machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. You need to think about your budget, the type and size of projects you plan to complete, and features that will help make your job easier. Knowing what features are available on various models is essential when choosing an embroidery machine for a small business.

Many machines have different levels of automation and computerized capabilities, making them suitable for more complex designs and larger production runs. Additionally, some models have advanced editing options that allow for customizing designs or creating bespoke pieces from scratch. It’s important to consider how much time you are willing to spend learning and using the software associated with each machine before making a purchase decision.



To start the countdown BrotherSE600 is a special one as it is the best product in the market in terms of every aspect you can think of. This is a two-in-one sewing and embroidery machine that allows you to bring creativity to life with ease.

This computerized sewing and embroidery machine has a large 3.7 inches sized Smart color LCD touchscreen display to customize your design perfectly. its 6 embroidery lettering fonts and 80 built-in design with the facility of importing your own customized one can be significant to make your work creative and unique.

The workspace is 4 inch-by-4 inch which is enough for the businesses looking for the starter embroidery machine. There is some inbuilt facility like 103 different sewing stitches, a controllable option of needle up/down speed, and a drop feed for creative free-motion sewing to make your work flexible.


  • USB support to import Embroidery designs
  • 2 in 1 machine
  • 80 build-in designs
  • 103 stitches in the box
  • 3.7 inches useful display
  • cheaper in price


  • 4 inch-by-4 inch workspace

All in all, the Brother SE600 computerized sewing and embroidery machine includes everything you need to get started on professional-looking projects. Till you expand your business to something else, this can be your solution.


The singer is known for the quality, in every sector, you can imagine. Nothing exceptional when it comes to embroidery machines.

The singer Se300 is a justified example of it. This sleek machine comes with 250 built-in stitches, 200 embroidery designs, 6 alphabet options, and a USB stick embroidery design transfer, just to name a few. It’s ready and waiting to help you transform your canvas into a masterpiece.

To make the task easy, this has an automatic needle threading option which helps you to effortlessly thread the eye of the needle. The Singer Legacy SE300 has an extra-large embroidery area 10 snap-on presser feet which expand your creative and monogramming possibilities.


  • High-Speed Sewing and Embroidery
  • Extra-Large Embroidery Area
  • Multiple Embroidery Designs
  • Bobbin Winding while Embroidering
  • USB Stick Embroidery Design Transfer
  • Included Large Hoop space for embroidery


  • May need to buy digitizing software
  • Included designs don’t vary in theme
  • Included needle pack isn’t labeled according to size

Some of the features of this machine are compared able to higher budget beasts. You can go for this Extraordinary sliver for your starter organization.

1.3. EverSewn Sparrow X REVIEWS

EverSewn Sparrow X is one of the best you can have in recent times. The machine is made by consideration of the future. You can notice if you go through the features of it.

You can control the customization of the design from your mobile and connect the EverSewn Sparrow with the wifi. An intuitive free app by officials makes it more simple for everyone to achieve stunning embroidery results. You can control your task within the app and customize it as well.

The Sparrow has a thread away feature that cuts all jump stitches, leave with a clean-finished design when it takes it out of the hoop.

Over a hundred inbuild design and 120 stitches with the capability of editing these design makes it handy for a home or small enterprise user. Embroidery area of 4.75×7 inches, 850rpm stitching speed makes it a spontaneous choice.


  • Offers an impressive variety of stitches
  • The adjustability of the machine makes it easy to use
  • It is a versatile and powerful machine
  • It is fast and supports connection with technological devices.


  • No foot pressure adjustment
  • There is No USB port
  • Small working area (adjustable for starter)


Let’s get into something special. Brother SE1900 is the machine you could go for without keeping a doubt in your mind. The features of this, represent what you need to start your business.

This has 240 built-in sewing stitches and 138 built-in embroidery designs. A clean and large LED display could help you a lot at work. The flexibility to combine designs, change colors, and upload multiple pre-designed patterns with 5×7 inches working space makes it total proficient.

There is also the availability of a USB port in this machine which allows you to import the outer design files and use them in the future. It also includes 11 fonts (7 English, 3 Japanese, 1 Cyrillic) with an automatic needle threader, which takes care of threading the needle for you with just the touch of a lever. All this make it as the contender of the Best commercial embroidery machine for small business.


  • It comes with 10-styles of auto-size buttonholes
  • The machine features 11 monogramming options
  • It boasts of a super bright work area
  • It has a large 5 by 7 embroidery area


  • The body of this machine is plastic-based
  • Little costly for those who are looking for under Thousand.



Brother PE770 is one of the best embroidery machines within the Brother brand and also in the industry. This would be a great option to fulfill your home business requirements.

This comes with a 5×7 working space facility and 136 inbuilt embroidery designs. The Brother PE770 embroidery machine also includes multiple editing functions accessible through the LCD touchscreen. Rotate, mirror-image, increase, and decrease the size of your designs and see how your edited design looks on the large, 2.7×1.4, back-lit LCD display before stitching.

It further provides the option to import custom designs through the USB port. The speed of stitches is 650 per minutes which is justified in this range.


  • It has an impressive variety of embroidery designs
  • It has a top speed of 650 stitches per minute
  • The machine is easy to thread and operate
  • The machine makes it easy to import designs
  • The machine features a 5×7-inch working area


  • The machine is not compatible with large scale producer


Brother PE535 is one of the popular and best-selling embroidery machines among the budget buyer. Specially to start the experience in the embroidery world people like to have this.

The PE535 has 9 built-in fonts(6 English and 3 Japanese lettering fonts) and 80 built-in embroidery designs including kids’ designs, holiday, floral and more. The workspace of 4″x4″ is enough, to begin with. There is also the facility to import personalized design by USB port including a large 3.2″ LCD color display to preview before stretching This is a small embroidery machine in terms of size.

If you are thinking about the best commercial embroidery machine for a Business startup but could not decide on one because of the pricing issues. you can go for brother PE535, at-least to begin with.


  • Easiest to operate
  • It has a USB port to import customize design
  • 9 built-in fonts are well organized for customization
  • The touch screen Display is clean
  • Affordable in price
  • Small embroidery machine


  • Not For bulk and heavy user

2.3. Janome Memory Craft 500E REVIEWS

This is known as a professional embroidery machine. Janome 500e embroidery machine is graving the attention of people by some extra feature which is providing value.

Its comes with the feature like the USB port, good touch screen, editing facility on the screen of the machine and some number of fonts (6) to specialize your work. But when it comes to the working area to design, it surpasses the rivals in a huge margin. It has a 7.9×7.9 inch embroidery field. There is no one, who providing this much within a reasonable price.

It also has 160 inbuild design whats looks very unique and different from each other. You can adjust the stitching as your need as well as thread the needle and Automatically cut the thread. All in all, you can rely on this in terms of your small business or home use.


  • It has a huge workSpace
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Has Built-in Needle Threader
  • It has a Programmable Jump Thread Trimming system
  • Extra Wide Table for Large Projects


  • Doesn’t have any manual Foot Pressure Adjustment


The brother PE550D embroidery machine comes with a grid sheet and alignment tools that align the design and needle position for better placement on the fabric. That makes it easy to use especially for the beginner as they are not used to work in an embroidery machine. It also comes with 125 built-in Disney designs and 9 fonts (6 English and 3 Japanese).

Large 3.2″ easy to view color screen and USB port to import personalize design facilitate to get better outcomes. It has a 4″x4″ embroidery field, which is absolutely justified in this price range and totally enough for the small business use. There is also have auto threading in the needle system and an in-screen editing facility. If any just want to begin your business by hook or crook, this is for you. Those who can manage a little more budget can go for others.


  • Grid sheet and alignment
  • inbuilt 125 builtin Disney designs and 9 fonts
  • 3.2″ easy to view color screen
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Cheapest among All


  • 4″x4″ embroidery field
  • not a multiple-function embroidery machine


With 160 built-in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming and 7.9×11 inch WorkSpace, Janome memory craft 500E is a choosable machine for those who are looking for the best commercial embroidery machine for small business.

It also comes with 4 embroidery extra hoops and an extra-wide table to simplify the design.
this has a special touchscreen color display to edit your design and import any customize one. With the help of this screen, you can also bring any changes in your design including color.

you will have some extra accessories inbox that others are not providing.
In the end, if your budget is a little high as a starter. you can definitely go for it.


  • Large WorkSpace to design
  • Comes with a wide Table
  • Has Inbuilt design and monogramming fonts
  • USB port facility
  • Touch Screen is ultra-clear


  • Costly for a business starter


PE800 is the highest-selling embroidery machine at the moment because of its design features and flexibility. Brother has won many awards and prizes for this model.

It would be more powerful if it is a sewing and embroidery machine. This obviously supports touch on its screen to edit and arrange the design. The design area space is also handy it’s 5×7 inches. Its embedded 138 designs and 11 lettering fonts (7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic).

By using the USB port, you can easily input your designs. The extra included frame and border shape are respectively 10 and 14 in number which is really valuable in your design.

You can’t get any better choice than that beast. it was specially designed for the beginner especially people like you who want the best commercial embroider machine for small or home business.


  • Bigger space to design
  • Inbuilt designs and fonts are more in number compare to other
  • USB port to input extra design
  • The touch screen is satisfactory


  • Availability of product is limited



Axis is a single needle chain stitch embroidery machine. It is special in some cases that is why it’s still popular with some people. This kind of machine used to makes a logo in clothing and handkerchiefs.

The automatic machine is not suitable for all kinds of cloth but it does. To design some traditional cloth this is handy. Its durability is not matched able. Those who don’t wanna spend $2000 on a chain stitch, can go for this one.


  • Chain stitch embroidery machine
  • Build quality is superb
  • Reasonable price
  • This handheld sewing machine for button works


  • doesn’t come with motor and table


Worlden is Handle Operated Single Needle Chain Stitch Embroidery Machine. Though the meaning of the embroidery machine is operating automatically computerized and have some support to auto thread and needle, in some cases handheld is more reliable.

If you want a chin stitch in the cloth, this is a little exception for a general embroidery machine. That is why the handheld machine still in demand. This worlden is providing the same feature and facilities like axis and stitch special cloths. You have to have enough idea had the experience to use this kind of machine.


  • Chain stitch embroidery machine
  • Build quality is superb
  • Reasonable price


  • doesn’t come with motor and table

Best Small Business Embroidery Machine for you

We believe, This embroidery industry totally depends on the small business owners and home workers. There is very little opportunity to boom the garment industry in the embroidery sector. This is an artistic sector and needs so much concentration to complete.

So, if you are hoping for a small startup and get successful, all the best from our side and we think this article helped you to understand the industry. Now you have the idea and you can choose The Best commercial embroidery machine for small businesses.

BROTHER PE800 Embroidery machine
Editors Choice

What is the best embroidery machine to start a business?

To start a business Brother SE1900 will be the best choice because of its inbuilt features and price range.

How do i start an embroidery business?

To start an embroidery business you can tie up with any online selling market and if you want to produce product you need a handy machine and a dedicated place are compulsory. Few are comfortable with there home as a place to start.

Which embroidery machine is best for home business?

For your home business, you can go for Brother PE800, as it can provide some professional features at a budget price.

What is best embroidery machine for home business?

Brother PE800 provides some professional features in a budget price ran so that For your home business you can go with it.

What is the easiest embroidery machine to use?

Brother PE535 is one of the easy to use the embroidery machine. A beginner in this sector can go for it.

Can you use an embroidery machine to sew?

No! you can’t use an embroidery machine for sewing. an embroidery machine is used for design only but there is a couple of sewing and embroidery combo machine in the market.

Can you sew with a brother pe770?

No! Brother PE770 is an embroidery-only machine.

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