Best crochet hooks for arthritis

Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands

Crocheting is on the list of hobbies for many Intellectual people. In some cases, it is painful and undone for arthritis sufferers since crocheting is a particular skill of making decorative objects by hand. As per the index, approximately 54 million adults in America have arthritis.

Right and well-managed crocheting procedures can fulfill the expectancy of crochet. For that, the use of the right crocheting tools is a must and the most used crocheting tool is the hook.

which is the best crochet hooks for arthritis? For arthritis sufferers, ergonomic crochet hooks can be the solution. They work positively to relieve the pain because of the building design and material of this special kind of hooks.

715VeDBahkL. AC SL1100 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • lighter weighted and result in crochet longer without trouble
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515TzOtKHtL. AC SL1500 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • Do not get tired, because of the cushioned grip
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61aS8QzgTTL. AC SL1200 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • The shaft is longer
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  • Glides nicely through the yarn
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61taqQ0tbpL. AC SL1001 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • silicon like material used in the hook
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  • Ergonomically designed large handles do not harm the hand and are comfortable to use
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8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • A perfect-sized rubbery grip handle opens up the hand and not much pressure required to hold the hook
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71SSJNG4fsL. AC SL1200 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis: crochet with arthritic hands in 2023
  • striped sponge grips
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What Is An Ergonomic Crochet Hook?

The word ergonomic relating to productivity and comfort of workplace, product, or system in the working environment to meet the comfortability of users. ergonomics is the science of making things suitable and making things for the human body.

In terms of the ergonomic crochet hook, the hook designed to use comfortably and safely than other hooks. The handle is customized to grip better in hand and also the diameter of the handle to customize to effortless grip. That is the reason it is beneficial for people who feel pain while crocheting or have arthritis issues.

This not only the hooks but also the customization of traditional hooks. For instance, People use a cushion or additional handle in the hook to make it relaxed in a painful hand. sometimes they use polymer clay to make a cover over the hook handle. All of these comes under ergonomic.

Thinks to note: Ergonomic crochet hook is not the medical solution to arthritis illness. Rather, these hooks are made to be used with a painful hand and cause less pain while crocheting compares to traditional crochet hooks.

Best crochet hooks for arthritis hand

Top 8 Best crochet hooks for arthritis sufferers

Not only we have added the ready-made best ergonomic crochet hooks for arthritis but also some option which makes the general crochet hook suitable for arthritis suffers in the list. So that you can choose the better answer for you.

#1. Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook

Boye is one of the most reputed crochet hook and needle brands in the market. The hooks Boye produce are popular as well and made the facilitate the crocheter. If we go through the hooks and see, it is clear that they analyze the needs of crocheters and try to solve any kind of issue crocheters are facing in their task.

For the wrist pain or arthritis sufferers, they have come up with this Boye ergonomic crochet hook.

It is a tapered type crochet hook which results, better control of the yarn while crocheting. To know the difference between tapered and inline crochet hooks, you can go through our last article on tapered vs inline crochet hooks.

Tapered hook allows catching yarn with less effort and less splitting which is really helpful for the arthritis sufferer.

The handle of this Boye hook is perfectly shaped and grip well with the hand. The cushion less hook mostly not suitable for the long-duration task and cause pain in the palm. If anyone suffers from the arthritic disease, it is more difficult for them to crochet with traditional ones.

In that case, this is the ideal choice for them as the 4-inch ergonomic handle of Boye ergonomic crochet hook provides superior comfort and control.


  • Work a long time without my hand cramping
  • Makes crochet easier for arthritis sufferers.
  • Glides nicely through the yarn
  •  The color is pretty.
  • Slightly larger than the Boye aluminum hook


  • The shaft is not long enough.
  • Heavier than other ergonomic hooks.

#2. Susan Bates Silvalume Soft Handle Crochet Hook

Susan Bates is another well-known crochet hooks brand. if you are an experienced crocheter or always try to be updated with the ins and outs of the crochet industry, you definitely must have heard about this brand.

The quality of the production of this brand is premium. They make crafting materials like the hook, bowl, yarn holder, and so on.

The Susan Bates Silvalume soft handle crochet hook can be the perfect choice for arthritis suffers and those who are facing some issues with the traditional kind of hooks. If you go through the facilities of this hook, you will be convinced with this quote.

The handle of this hook is perfectly made and grip well which expedites crochet for the longest amount of time. The overall design and size are also excellent for this hook.

The weight of a crochet hooks matter a lot and when it comes to the pain of the wrist, thumb, or arthritis sufferer, this impacts a lot. The weight was also in the consideration of the producer so that it’s turn out to be one of the lightest weighted hooks.

The only drawback of this brand hook is the availability of smaller hooks as they don,t produce E,F,G sizes.


  • Soft handle.
  • super shiny throat and glide through the wool comfortably.
  • Suit from beginners to professional level crocheter.
  • The shaft is longer.


  • Long size can work negatively for some people.

#3. Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

You are already introduced to the Boye crochet hook brand and we also shared with you the creativity of this brand for the sake of the facility of crocheter. 

This crochet hook handle is the ideal example of their creative mind. They have invented this handle for them those who Don’t want to change their existing hook as it has suited them best.

Because of the arthritis issue or finger cramping, they are having a tough time with their crochet hook. This add-on to their crochet hook solves the issue without any hesitation.

 It can be used in any hook size between B/2mm to K/6.5mm. But my personal suggestion for you to use it in tapered crochet hook rather than inline. Because of the throats of inline crochet hooks. 

After setting it to the hook handle of inline, it’s been seen that the size of the throat is shorter compare to the tapered crochet hook. In that case, it causes an issue while crocheting. 

If you are comfortable with the short throat or your project allows to use shorter throat then it is permissible.


  •  Better control of hook while crocheting.
  •  Eight different sizes of washers help to set strongly.
  •  A perfect-sized rubbery grip handle opens up the hand and not much pressure required to hold the hook.
  •  Allows working for a long duration whether you have arthritis issue. 
  • Inexpensive to buy.


  •  No sign-in the washer to know which one is for what size. (You can get the idea with the time)

#4. Hicello Large Handle Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook

Hicello is a less known and private label crochet hook producer brand. Though they don’t have any brand value, many crocheters are loving their creation.

 In this large handle, the ergonomic grip crochet hook set comes in 8 different sizes and every size is identical in terms of the grip of the handle. The minimum-sized hook is 2.5mm and the maximum one is 6mm. The set also has 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, and 5.5mm sized hooks.

 The throat of the hooks is perfectly sized so that the crocheter can get used to it within a minimalistic time after shifting.

 The handle of this hook is longer than other crochet hooks and the curve and grip facilitate to have a perfect grip. For arthritis sufferers, this grip could be ideal.

 There is a drawback of this hook, which is the marking tag of the body. It gets removed after a certain time. Though the crocheter Doesn’t need to see the number tag of the hook body since they know the perfect number by seeing the hook from their experience.


  • Every hook has its beautiful identical color.
  •  Best for knife grip.
  •  Ergonomically designed large handles do not harm the hand and are comfortable to use.


  •  The handles are not soft.

#5. Susan Bates Crochet Hook Cushion Grips

Susan bates crochet hook cushion grip is another addon of the crochet hook and use to make the crochet hook comfortable and preferable for the crocheter.

Susan bates are always been a creative brand in terms of the comfort-ability of the users. This cushioned grip is faultless satisfactory to use. This grip can be used in any type of hook.

But a problem a user can face is the setup procedure. Though it seems like it will be flexible to wear in the crochet hook but it’s far laborious. For the average-sized hook, this cushion is flawless to set. In the hook size over 5mm, this cushion takes a tough time.

It has been seen that some people used grease, dish soap, or oil to wear the grip on the hook. My personal tip is to get multiple grips for your hooks and try to not remove the cover after you slide the grip over the handle of the crochet hook once.


  • Can be used in 3mm to 6mm sized hooks.
  • Two grips in one pack.
  • striped sponge grips.
  • Guaranty eliminates fatigue.


  • can’t be used on real big hooks or little ones

#6. BeCraftee Ergonomic Handles Crochet Hook Set

BeCraftee is working so hard to get a space in the crochet hook market. Their aggressiveness in the production and the service

The handle of BeCraftee crochet hooks are softer and rubber made which is excellent for hand fatigue, wrist pain, and arthritis sufferer. For crocheting a large project like the blanket, this hook set can be used. The hook is coded with the size number and letter which is truly useful. The color of the handle of every crochet hook is also beautiful and identical.

In this set, there are nine different sizes of crochet hooks to use which is the absolute solution for arthropathy sufferers. After having this set, the crochet would not worry about the hook anymore since this single pack is the answer to all requirements.

Other than the hooks, there are folding scissors, 6 pcs Sewing needles, 10 pcs Locking stitch markers, row counter, measuring tape, 2 pcs Stitch folder, and gauge measure ruler.

The throat is tapered and made of aluminium and smooth so the yarn doesn’t slip or snag.


  • Hooks are lighter weighted and result in crochet longer without trouble.
  • 2.25mm to 6.0mm sized hook in the pack.


  • Takes time to get us to.

#7. WooCrafts Ergonomic Grip Soft Handles Crochet Hooks Set

There is nothing special to talk about the WooCrafts crochet hooks brand since this is a private label trademark. The publisher has made this crochet hook set considering the user review in mind.

This has stainless steel hook head and the handle is rubber made so that it grips well in the hand and doesn’t need any extra effort to hold it while crocheting.

The price range of this hook set is also cheap compare to other ergonomic options. To be exact, a single piece of crochet hook from another manufacturer is more or less equal to this WooCrafts hook set.

When it comes to ergonomic crochet hook for bulky yarn, there is not too many option and this hook set comes with the big head option. which facilitates to use of the hook for a blanket or any other big yarn projects.

The look of this hook is also attractive and if you like to use the premium-looking stuff as a psychological advantage, the design and color will help you to do so. The handle colors are bright and feel awesome.

For arthritic sufferers, the weight of the hooks is extremely important and the weight of these hooks is in a manageable condition. it also preferable for the people who perceive pain in their wrist while crocheting.

There is an additional pouch in the pack of this WooCrafts crochet hook set, which manage to store the hooks safely.


  • The grip is very comfortable
  • Crochetable much longer with this hook.
  • The aluminum part is smooth
  • No snagging the yarn with these hooks
  • The material feels more like silicon.


  • It’s not that soft and rubbery
  • The hook part is too short!

#8. CLOVER Crochet Hook

It is insane if there is a crochet hook list but clover is not there since clover is not only one of the best, it is my favorite crochet hook brand.

The handle of a crochet hook comes first to select the best crochet hook for arthritic people. The handle of this amour clover ergonomic crochet hook is shaped comfortably and the grip is also warmer.

Secondly, the ergonomic crochet hook of clover is lighter in weight which makes it very easy to control. The diameter and the length are also in good measurement so that the crochet does not get bored and feels pain in the wrist.

Crocheter is also capable of crocheting for two and three hours a day with this well mannered crochet hook.

The shaft of this hook is smooth head is sharp that won’t split my yarn. less reflection is required to control the yarn and stitch properly.

All in all, this is an all-rounder ergonomic crochet hook and you can collect the different sizes of the hook of the same outcome. This size of the hook is a perfect balance for different types of yarns.


  • Doesn’t pull the yarn.
  • Do glide through the yarn conveniently.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Do not get tired, because of the cushioned grip.


  • The flat handle is unlikeable to some people.

How to choose and what to Look in an Ergonomic Crochet Hook

You already get the idea about what is ergonomic and the definition of the ergonomic crochet hook. There are some criteria to select the best ergonomic crochet hook. From the explanation, you can get the idea and choose your required one without any mistake.

Handle: The handle is the introduction of an ergonomic crochet hook and this should be well calculated. Generally, the arthritis hand feel comfortable with a little thicker than the conventional crochet hook handle.

Material: The soft rubber materials are ideal for the crochet hook handle since these are more comfortable to hold and don’t cause pain in the hand after longer use.

weight: Though the amount of material used in the ergonomic crochet hook is more compare t the traditional hook cause of the extension in the handle that should not be heavier. The lighter hook is easy to control and the arthritic hand will tag well with a lighter hook.

Throat: Smooth and sharp throat is preferable for an ergonomic crochet hook as this helps to manage the yarn wisely and less engagement is required while crocheting.

Head: It is better to have a sharp head in the hook as it assists to slide the hook placidly through the yarn.

Select crochet tools for arthritic hands

Crocheting is a wonderful and enjoyable hobby that can be done by anyone – even those with arthritic hands. With the right tools and techniques, arthritis sufferers can join in on the craze of crocheting, as it’s an excellent way to manage pain and stay active. In this article, we will discuss what crochet tools are best for people with arthritic hands, how to choose them, and how they can be used safely.

First off, when choosing crochet tools for someone with arthritic hands, it’s important to look for ones that are lightweight and comfortable. This could mean investing in ergonomic hooks or specially designed hook handles that provide extra grip and comfort while crocheting. With crochet tools that are lightweight, it is easier to hold the hook and yarn for longer periods of time.

It’s also important to choose tools that are easy to use and that require minimal pressure when crocheting. For example, flexible hooks and crochet hooks with a larger diameter are easier to use. Hooks designed with an ergonomic shape and anti-slip handles or grips also provide more comfort and reduce hand strain when crocheting.

how to hold crochet yarn with arthritis

Crocheting is a great way to relax and express your creativity, but if you have arthritis it can be difficult to hold the yarn. Joint pain and stiffness can make it hard to maintain an even tension on the yarn. Don’t let that discourage you from crocheting! There are many ways to make crochet easier with arthritis. In this article, we will discuss how to hold crochet yarn in a way that is comfortable for people with arthritic hands. How to Hold the Crochet Yarn

There are many ways to hold a crochet hook and yarn. There is no one right way that works for everyone. You’ll need to experiment with different techniques to see what is most comfortable crochet hooks for you. For example, some people prefer to hold the hook in their dominant hand and the yarn in their other hand.

Others prefer a two-handed grip where they hold the hook and yarn in both hands. And some people switch back and forth between the two depending on how they are feeling. If you find that you are having trouble holding your hook and yarn, try one of these methods. My Favorite Crochet Yarn Holding Method This is my favorite way to hold a crochet hook and yarn.

Does crocheting help arthritis

Crocheting is an activity that many people enjoy and find therapeutic. It can be used to relax and meditate, or as a way to create beautiful pieces. But could crocheting also have health benefits? More specifically, could it help reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis?

For those looking to manage their arthritis symptoms, the idea of crocheting may sound daunting. However, research has shown that crocheting can be a beneficial activity for arthritis sufferers. By exploring the potential benefits of crocheting, individuals with arthritis can find ways to manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

When attempting any kind of craft involving repetitive motions, one must consider the strain it might put on arthritic joints. Thankfully, crocheting does not necessarily require a great deal of dexterity or strength in hands and fingers; it is ultimately up to the individual how much they do at once.

Furthermore, many crochet patterns only require minimal movements – meaning there is less pressure on already tender joints than with other activities like knitting or weaving.

does crocheting cause arthritis

Crocheting is a popular craft among people of all ages around the world. The hobby, which consists of intertwining yarn and thread together to create knitted objects, has been around for centuries and is a great way to pass the time, relax, or make something special for someone else. However, there have been some concerns that crocheting may be causing damage to our health specifically arthritis.

Arthritis is a joint disorder characterized by inflammation in the joints followed by swelling and pain. It can be caused either by wear-and-tear due to age or physical activity such as repetitive motions like those used while crocheting.

is knitting or crocheting easier with arthritis

Knitting or crocheting can be a great way to pass time and relieve stress. However, for those living with arthritis, the process of knitting or crocheting may be difficult due to inflammation and stiffness in the hands. Arthritis is a common condition that affects over 54 million adults in the United States alone.

Many people with arthritis wonder which needlework craft is easier on their joints – knitting or crocheting? The answer to this question depends on the type of arthritis that a person has and how much pain they are in. Those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis tend to find knitting easier than crocheting, especially for those who have limited flexibility in their hands.

Are ergonomic crochet hooks better?

Ergonomic crochet hooks are made to eradicate the user from pain after crocheting longer. Those who are facing pain, it is must but those who are ‘OK’ with the traditional crochet hook till now can change it to ergonomic to have better result.

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