Best left handed scissors for sewing

Best left handed scissors for sewing

Scissors are the tool that we use not only for just one task but for various subtle and important tasks.

Yet for it is the most basic and essential tool for sewing because its use can be observed in every step of sewing.

Left-handed scissors make a difference hugely to the sewing lover. It is much easier to get right-handed scissors than left-handed ones. The best left handed scissors for sewing are a far cry.

The left-handed scissor provides the experience a lefty user wants from the scissor while using it for sewing. The brief answer for The best left handed scissors for sewing is Knife Edge Bent left handed Gingher scissors. It is the most popular among all the options.

511YPVK08iL. AC SL1000 Best left handed scissors for sewing in 2023
  • Double-plated Chrome material
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  • Suitable for personal use as well as professional use
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  • Softgrip handle provides more comfortable use for children
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  • High carbon stainless steel blades
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  • For Fabric, Upholstery so on
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Best Left-Handed scissors for sewing

Tips to choose the right sewing scissors

Before the Left handed sewing scissors, you should get a brief idea about the sewing shears and how to select the perfect one considering the individual requirements.

Though the work of scissor is common which is cutting the material. But what material the scissor will cut makes the difference. There is some noticeable different between general or multipurpose scissors and sewing scissors.

Blades Material

Bade material of a scissor is the main thing everyone should notice. This decides the scissor is a qualitative or a low-class product. In terms of sewing, you have to get a scissor which can cut every different kind of fabric, thread, and sometimes other material like leather.

Most scissors are made of steel nowadays and people also think this is a positive sign if a scissor comes with this material. But one thing everyone should remember, there are multiple qualitative sheets of steel available and also use as the material of scissors.

So that, You people should go for stainless steel as this is believable and durable among all. Though this material is a little costly, this returns the value. This kind of steel does cut every other fabric.


If the blade can,t be sharpened after it gets blunt, There is no choice except to leave it. So it is recommended to see the re-sharpen Advantage of sewing scissors.

Mostly, low budget sewing scissors can’t be re-sharpen as their blades are not thick. There is no availability of sharper of that much thin sheet as well as the quality of sheets doesn’t allow to Sharp it. Only a special machine can be used to Sharp those.

For the sewing purpose, it is better to choose the re-sharpen shears since sewing scissors are used rapidly and become blunt too early if it is not that qualified.

Blade Edge

Knife edged blades are most popular among the sewing specialist. This type of scissor cut the fabrics smoothly like butter. Stretching is a common issue can be seen when ever cutting the fabrics.

But this edged scissors never provides that issue. One other things to be noted in the stretching issue is the blade connection. If the pair of blade is not managed properly this kind of problem can hamper your cutting processes.

Handle Grip

To work longer, the handle of a scissor plays the most significant role. Generally, the premium shears handles are made specially and every tip of the handle is measured perfectly which fit the hand and don’t cause any pain.

Some scissors handle and blades are separated. On that case the handles are made of plastics, rubber or any other material. in that case, it is important to notice the quality of handle. If possible, try to get the Quotation of experienced people.

If you looking for a scissor only for cutting the fabrics and concern about the handgrip, you can go for the rotary cutters since rotary cutter grips better and sharpness is also excellent.


For the sewing, 8 inches to 12 inches scissors are popular. The scissors over 10″ is called shear and anything less than that size remain scissors. 10″ scissors/shears are most used one for every kind of sewing and if we call it a ideal size, no where it will be a lie.

what are left handed scissors

Left-handed scissors tend to be different in their blade connection and position. The blade of the inside part will go down when you open the mouth of the scissor.

If you hold a right-handed scissor in your left hand, the outside blade will go down and the inside one will go up.

If you hold a correct scissor in your hand, you will always see the line you cut. The wrong scissor will stretch the fabric or paper whereas the correct one will push the blade together so they can cut like as guillotine rather than pushing them separate.


Why are left handed scissors more expensive?

There is a straight answer since the producer needs to produce different and the material and connectivity are also different in terms of left-handed scissor.

They can’t come out with bulk production as the demand is very low of lefty products. So that many scissor producer does not produce lefty scissor and those who do, charge more compare to right-handed scissor.

7 Best left handed scissors for sewing

The best dressmaking scissors is listed in below and if you are reading this post till now, you may actually want to get the total idea which one would be the best for you.

The list was based on the features a sewing scissor must have and top-rated by the experienced user. The pricing was also considered and I tried to list different pricing range products. I Hope, my experience of sewing scissors will help you people.

1. Knife Edge Bent left handed Gingher scissors

Probably, if you have some idea about the scissor market, you must have known about the Gingher brand. This is the most popular and well-known brand in the market.

Gingher produces premium quality scissors. In the case of Knife Edge, Bent left handed Gingher scissors, the quality is the same.

The blade and connection of this scissor are made for left handed user. This scissor is the most used one by the left-handed user.

From the experience of multiple users, I can assure you about this scissor as every individual has ranked it positive. Many of them actually go for a multiple pair after having a single piece for in need use.

Key Features:

  • It can be used for patterns, seams, or long swaths.
  • The blade of these shears can cut multiple layers of fabrics.
  • Double-plated Chromium material is used for this.
  • The scissor feels completely natural in my left hand.

Plastic sheath in the pack with this scissor is the only drawback of this awesome product. Other than that it is 100% value for the price a buyer pay.

Overall, This Fabric shears is flexible in terms of pricing and quality.

2. Galadim Left-Handed Dressmaking Scissors

Galadim is a brand you rarely have heard about. This is not a well known and most popular scissor producer brand.

Galadim offers tremendous entry-level shares that match the quality skilled tailors expect at a budget that every apprentice can pay for. 

In spite of less brand value, the scissor of galadim is getting a huge response from the user. The sewing scissor for left handed people is also a successful outcome from them.

This Galadim left-handed dressmaking shear is an entry-level professional peace. Also can be used for multi-purpose household work. Ideal for all kinds of soft material like leather, fabrics, packaging material, plastic bags.

There is a little nipper with the scissor in the pack which is not bad at the quality and can be used for sewing purposes.

Key Features:

  • The scissor is 10‌.4 inch long.
  • The handle is made of plastic and comfortable to hold.
  • Left-handed only peace.
  • Blades are well managed which results in effortless cutting.

Galadim 10 inch dressmaking scissors can be the perfect choice unless you want to go for massive use. It will not last long if someone considers using heavily.

3. Wiss left handed scissors Bent Handle Industrial Shears 10″

For the budget range people, wiss is always a suitable name. The scissors wiss manufacture is often targeted the price conservative users.

This bent handle wiss shear is a unique strategy of fastening high carbon steel blades to hot drop-forged steel shelves. The results of this exceptional mixture, Blade hardness, and scissors that cut better and last longer.

Made of the finest quality cutlery steel. Build integrity invariably guarantees the usability of any tool. This steel blade has to be perfect for a low priced shears.

The blade of this left handed scissors is Knife-edged which ensures an accurate and easy cut, right to the stub.

Key Features:

  • re-sharp able with the sharper.
  • Heavy-duty scissor.
  • Cutlery steel blade.
  • Knife-edge sharpness.
  • Lefty grip with left-handed only blades.

Overall, in the budget range, this Wiss left handed scissors Bent Handle Industrial Shears comes is appreciated. This is not for lather or hefty material.

4. 5 Inch Kids Softgrip Fiskars Left Handed Scissors

Fishers is another well-reputed and well-known label of scissors in the market. They produce different types of scissors, cutters, and tools.

Kids can’t take care of their own safety that is why the material they use must become up with extra safeguard. 

This 5″ soft grip Fiskars left-handed scissor has an Innovative safety-edge blade that features a safer blade angle to protect children while still cutting all classroom equipment.

The grip of this Fiskars scissor is well finished and noticeably it is made for the kids.

Key Features:

  • For left-handed children.
  • It’s safe and comfortable.
  • Creative safety edge blade for high-quality cutting.
  • Pointed-tip blades give preferable detail cutting.
  • 5″ sized scissor.

For the leftie kids, there is no better choice than this soft-grip Fiskars scissor. Children will love it as this has an attractive look and it is usable in school as well as home training.

5. Smith Chu Professional Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Tailor Shears Left Handed Dressmaking Scissors

Smith Chu manufactures knives, scissors, blades and it’s a china based company. Among all, scissors and shears are the featured product of this brand. They mostly make haircutting scissors.

The sewing shears of the Smith Chu brand are adequately preserved and fully fill the mark. They provide a high-quality product at a low-level price.

My personal experience on this Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Tailor Shears Left Handed Dressmaking Scissors was fully satisfactory.

The high carbon steel was used to fabricate this scissor and this element strengthens the scissor and makes it long-lasting. For the same reason, this stays sharper for a long time.

 This scissor can be used for a longer time since they handle the grip of this made of soft rubber. Rubber grip has fully covered the metal handle that results in an avoid occupational illnesses caused by extended use of sewing scissors.

  • Use for multi-purposes.
  • Blades stay sharp for a long time.
  • Other than sewing, can be used for the toughest leather and heavy materials.
  •  Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip.

All in all, anyone will love this shears whether the individual is a sewing artist, a homemaker, or any other workaholic. The professional user also can choose this incredible tool. The price range this comes, no other scissor is close as this is a heavy-duty scissors with industrial strength.

6. Kai 7250L 10 Inch True Left Handed Scissors

This Kai 7250L true left-handed scissor is made for the professional stoner. Those who don’t want to compromise on any level of the sewing and want the premium experience in every aspect in the shear. This Kai branded scissor is the ideal choice.

This is made of High carbon stainless steel blades which makes its blade stronger. This material helps a scissor to be sharpened for a long long time.

Unlike other scissors from the list, this true left handed scissor can cut all kind of fabrics and it is a special sewing based shears. 

The blades of this scissor are organized closely and the cross point of the blades is also managed perfectly which results in smooth and fatigue-free cutting.

Key Features:

  • True Left handed scissors.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Incredible gripping handle for extended works.
  • Outstanding cutting on all fabrics.

Specialist sewing master will admire this terrific creation. Though the price is a little high for a newbie, they still consider it to get the top-level experience and outcome.

7. 8 Inch Multi-Purpose Fiskars left-handed scissors

From the last Fiskars list, you got the overall idea about this well-known brand but the last one was only for kids whereas this Multipurpose Fiskars left handed scissors is for all ages of people.

The ambidextrous handle of this unique scissor provides extraordinary control when you are cutting. The straight handle of this scissor supports cutting control.

It does have come with high-grade stainless-steel blades which offer a long-lasting sharpness that cuts to the tip.

By analyzing the user’s review, it’s clear that this scissor is satisfactory and the durability this provides in the low-level budget makes it more lovable.

Key Features:

  • 8″ multipurpose scissor.
  • Long-lasting sharpness.
  • stainless-steel blades.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.

The lightweight built design gives a positive and negative impression to this scissor as the fabrics shears are a little weighted compare to others because of the auto force fabrics require.

when it comes to other cutting tasks, it is better to have a lightweight scissor since hand pressured control work better with those materials.

It is noticeable that Fiskars has compromised the quality of handle in that vary scissor. People have mixed experience with handle quality.

do left handed scissors make a difference

This is a question many of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. Scissors are an essential tool for everyday life, whether you’re cutting paper, fabric, or food. For lefties in particular, having the right type of scissors can mean the difference between frustration and success in any task. So what makes left handed scissors unique and why should we consider them over regular scissors?

Left-handed scissors are designed to be held in the left hand with greater ease than normal ones. They feature blades that are reversed from those of standard scissors, so that when held correctly they can produce cleaner cuts with less effort and fatigue on your hands.

Additionally, these specialized tools allow for unmatched control when cutting through different materials since the blades move in opposite directions from each other which helps reduce slipping and misalignment during use.

Do left handed scissors make a difference?

Lefty people never perfects the task easily without the tool is specially made for. Its pretty much same in case of scissors.

What are the best scissors for sewing?

The best scissor brand for sewing is the Gingher as the quality and price combination of this brand is perfect.

Why don t right handed scissors work in left hands?

The blade positioning of right handed scissors are different and if a lefties person use a right handed scissor, the pressure of cutting on material doesn’t set on the mark.

To conclude

when you decide to have the Best left handed scissors for sewing to fulfill your purpose whether you are a professional maker or not, try to choose from the reputed brand. You don’t want to buy it every now and then right?

The perfection of the reputed brand provides, the work looks much easier and makes the task enjoyable.

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