Best sewing machine for 10 year old

Best sewing machine for 10 year old

When a child is 10 years old, it is the perfect age to introduce them to the world of sewing. Even though there is no barrier to learning how to sew, it requires intellectual input.

The best sewing machine for a child is designed with the child in mind. The best sewing machine for 10 year old is the machine that is easy to use and can be used at the drop of a hat. It is the perfect gift for a child who is just beginning to learn how to sew. This child is just starting to grow out of the basic sewing skills they knew when they were younger. The parents also should concentrate on the development of their child at this 10 year old age.

List of 5 best sewing machine for 10 year old child

Features to Look For in the Best Sewing Machines for 10 Year old

Various sewing machines are available on the market today, ranging from simple machines to more advanced ones. Each sewing machine has its features, benefits, and advantages. The pros and cons of each device need to be considered to make the most informed purchase. Listed below are some points that can help you choose the best sewing machine for kids.

When looking for the best sewing machine for kids, you want one that allows them to develop their skills without overwhelming them.


A sewing machine can make sewing fun and different. For a child, the foot of a sewing machine is a vital part of the machine. Without them, the device will not be able to do its job. The feet have to support the weight of the engine and the weight of the fabric. When choosing a sewing machine for kids, the best machine is one that has a heavy-duty, long-lasting, durable foot for a reasonable price.

Presser feet can be snapped on or screwed on. Kids’ feet should be attached with screws, so they don’t fall off. Because of snap-off feet, many people have sewed through their clothes or fingers.

Foot Pedal:

Every sewing machine needs a foot pedal, but not all of them are suitable for use by young children, especially those just learning to sew. At the same time, most of the pedal-based models available on the market are safe to use by pre-teen and teen sewers on the whole.

Several designs have been explicitly designed to be safe for younger children. The push-button model that allows you to control the stitch speed is highly recommended.


Whenever a push-button model is used, it must be capable of maintaining a constant speed. Garments can be made with precision, as there is no foot pedal required to control the sewing process.


Weight is a major factor in a sewing machine. When it comes to kids’ machines, weight becomes even more crucial. The whole process can be damaged if the weight doesn’t suit the individual. Getting a lighter machine is the best option.


Due to the fact that children are not responsible with their stuff and don’t know how to use it properly. It is necessary to have years of warranty.

When choosing a sewing machine for kids, you should look for many of the same features you look for in an adult sewing machine.

Other than that

When you think about making your child’s life easier, you probably think about the toys and gadgets you can buy for them. But what about the things that you can buy them to do at home?

If you’re trying to make things easier for your child at home, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

If your child is interested in making something with their hands, you need to purchase tools that will make that possible.

Despite the abundance of sewing machines for kids on the market, most of them are toy sewing machines. Toys machines with brightly colored cartoon characters attract your child’s attention due to their vibrant colors, but they are cheaply made.

Toy sewing machines are often called weak and prone to falling apart due to their fragile stitches.

It would help if you also considered choosing a simple, primary machine so that your child can efficiently operate it. You can expect your child to become disinterested in threading the machine or preparing the project. It will be easier to use an automatic needle threader.

It would help if you also considered how simple the bobbin winder would be for your child to load the bobbins into the machine. In that case, The Front-Loading Bobbin System could be an ideal one. If the machine also contains the Foot pedal speed control, it will be a real plus.

Basic stitches on different fabrics: When I spoke with Shields and King, they confirmed that you need three basic things from a sewing machine: a straight stitch, a zig-zag stitch, and a good buttonhole.

Finally, it would help if you bought a sewing machine with simple, basic functions and a small, compact size. The main points I will suggest to have in the sewing machine for your kid are safety features.

Best kids and beginner machines options

 1. Brother SM1704 Kids Sewing Machine

Brother is one of the most well-known and popular sewing machine companies. The Brother SM1704 is a suitable machine for kids who are 10 years old. There are plenty of other sewing machine models from brother is available, and among them, sm1704 is the most reliable.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01K4223OE&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sundorban 20&language=en US Best sewing machine for 10 year old in 2023ir?t=sundorban 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01K4223OE Best sewing machine for 10 year old in 2023

Kids can have an easy time when it comes to threading this machine. This is due to how there are diagrams that have been imprinted onto the machine.

Children can easily select the type of stitch that they want to use. The stitch selector dial has been designed so that it’s easy to access and use.

The machine includes 17 stitch templates, which allow children to practice their sewing skills as they try out different stitches. The variety of stitches that are built-in allows children to be more creative with their works of art.

Brother SM1704 is a sewing machine for kids that features a drop-in bobbin system to simplify threading the machine and prevent jams.

It’s also nice that the dial has tiny illustrations showing the different stitches so children can pick one more easily. By utilizing automatic stitch width and stitch length calculations, complex tasks are simplified.

Additionally, the free arm function gives kids easier time sewing items that have tighter openings, such as sleeves and cuffs.

Furthermore, children are able to be highly creative by using the 6 built-in stitches that are available. These include blind, stretch, buttonholes, and zipper insertion. Children can sew with ease with these, and they are easy to use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dialer for selecting stitches
  • 17 unique stitches
  • Includes 4 sewing feet


  • Plastic is used to make the machine

2. MINI sewing machine

This mini sewing machine is suitable for family projects. The machine is equipped with all the features necessary to satisfy the needs of a household effectively and make sewing an enjoyable experience.

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The mini sewing machine can be considered the ideal sewing machine for a 10-year-old from A-Z. It is lighter, which makes it portable and hassle-free.

A solid and efficient working space is provided. The needlepoint is flexible and not jammed at any point of sewing, which is tremendous for that type of mini sewing machine.

Since it can be used on any kind of fabric, this machine can be called magical since it works on all kinds of fabrics.

Another positive aspect of this machine is the Multiple operating options. People comfortable with manual foot operation can use the foot pedal or otherwise opt for hand operation.

The automatic needle threader and adjustable stitch speed are feasible for kids.

It is a complete manual and easy-to-use sewing machine that allows a user to learn as well as practice sewing. This simple machine is easy to operate.

This is the cheapest machine on the list and a quality machine too.


  • Double bobbin option.
  • Auto threading.
  • Portable device.
  • Dual option to operate
  • Speed can be customized. 
  • Thread cutter to cut.
  • Cuff to circular sewing.


  • Quality of foot pedal.

3. Purple thunder Basic Janome hello kitty sewing machine.

Janome is one of the popular sewing machine brands on the market. This Purple Thunder basic is a real dam breaker, reasoning its limitless features.

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When it comes to toddlers who love sewing, this has to be the purple beast. Because the hand runner of this machine is genuinely glossy, it draws the most attention.

As far as quality is concerned, the storage drawer is a plus. It also levels the body when it is off so that it does not look weird.

Feature Details

This sewing machine is perfect if you are searching for the best sewing machine for 10 year-olds. It is also portable and easy to carry.

There are four different types of Decorative stitches that are suitable for starters, and this machine sews a nice stitch.

Guard is something that should become first when choosing the Best sewing machine for a child. The finger guard option has been added to the inbox.

It is an electronic, mechanical sewing machine with two needles that come in a package and are easy to thread. 


  • It comes with three bobbins.
  • Hand runner for sewing manually.
  • 13 decorative stitches.
  • Free arm sewing machine. 
  • Inbuilt Accessory Storage.
  • Portable machine.


  • It doesn’t have an on-off switch.

 4. SINGER 1304 Kids Sewing Machine

The singer is another sewing machine brand that is well known, and people love to use this brand of sewing machine. Without any hesitation, people can rely on the singer machine. Singer sewing machines never dis-hurt the user, and they make Kid-Friendly Sewing Machines.

This machine is easy to thread for kids. Children can follow the step-by-step instructions on the machine from the diagrams that are imprinted on them.

Furthermore, you can feel confident knowing that children have an easy time choosing the stitch functions type that they want. There are several ways to use the stitch selector dial, including easy access and simple use.

Designed with high-grade metal materials, this sewing machine features a metal frame. Thus, you can rest assured that it will last for many years. As well as providing great alignment capability, the construction also helps prevent skipping when sewing.

A presser foot and three other feet are included as well. A general-purpose foot is included that you can use for most general sewing projects. The zipper foot and buttonhole foot allow you to stitch zippers and buttonholes, respectively.

Additionally, six of the built-in stitches offer a great deal of creative flexibility to children. The techniques include blind hems, satin, zig-zag stitch, scallop, and buttonholes. As kids can easily use the automatic buttonhole foot feature that has 4 steps, we were impressed by how it simplified the process

Overall, this is a powerful machine and comparable to high-end machines.


  • Easy to thread
  • 3 presser feet
  • 6 built-in stitches


  • the bobbin can jam

5. Multifunctional mini beginner sewing machine

The multifunctional mini beginner sewing machine is the perfect machine for those just starting out. The reason is one of its characteristics.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07SQ77MSF&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sundorban 20&language=en US Best sewing machine for 10 year old in 2023ir?t=sundorban 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07SQ77MSF Best sewing machine for 10 year old in 2023

With an electronics connection and a battery connection, it can be used at home and when traveling.

Any type of fabric can be applied to the project in this machine. It is capable of altering and creating clothing, crafting, and quilting.

By using the Automatic Bobbin Winder, the user is able to wind the thread without having to struggle. It does decrease the project time and also helps to put a continuous focus on the project.

The reverse sewing system is pretty rare for a beginner sewing machine. Yet, this magical machine does have a feature that makes it valuable.

Using the thread tension control on this beginner sewing machine, the user can adjust the thread stitch. Overall, this is a very comprehensive manual that is easy to follow. This inexpensive machine is suitable for kids to learn sewing.


  • Adjustable stitch length.
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Two-thread lock stitch.
  • Built-in free arm.
  • Forward and reverse sewing.
  • Four-step buttonhole sewing
  • Stuff Drawer included
  • Built-in sewing light
  • Includes thread cutter


  • Plastic made.

What are the Benefits and Why Should Your Child Learn to Sew?

Sewing is a skill that most people in the Western world have never known or experienced. In modern times, this is a lost art that has been lost to the basic skills of sewing. A lot of people think that sewing is all about sewing clothes and making garments and accessories.

 However, there is a lot more to sewing than sewing clothes. Sewing can be a great way to express yourself while creating your own crafts. This can give you a lot of satisfaction as well as making new friends. Sewing groups are very beneficial, and you will meet a lot of cool people.

It is vital for your child to be creative while working with their hands. Today’s technological age bombards them with so much information that sewing can be a source of pride and comfort. Creating crafts allows children to express themselves, which is something they will enjoy.

Embroidery enhances creativity, self-esteem, and independence. In addition, it is a wonderful method of meeting new people. The process of organizing a sewing group is simple, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

To Conclude: 

Children are advancing a lot in this era. I will not be amazed to see a kid is comfortably using a Computerized sewing machine. But for now, these machines are the best option I could come out for your child. Expensive sewing machines are not always handy; rather you can choose any of the above.

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