Best sewing machine for a child

Best starter sewing machine for the child

Nothing better gift you can give to your child than help to learn a skill that can be the pride of life. The best starter sewing machine for the child can be chosen as the first step of your greatest movement.

Sewing is something everyone does like and your child will definitely find it interesting. As a profession also you can think of sewing, quilting, and embroidering for your kid.

Mostly, the child uses a sewing machine for learning purposes. That is why machine-like no.1 or no.2 could be the best choice, in terms of, features and budget. There is a total explanation of why. If there is an intention of multi-tasking and professionalism we have provided enough options to choose from. 

The creativity a sewing machine can bring to the house is untouchable.

Best ChoiceBudget Choice
Brother cs6000i
Brother cs6000i sewing machine
All the professional feature
like auto threading
Drop in top bobbin. 
HD touch screen display

Singer 1304
Singer 1304 sewing machineSinger 1304 sewing machineSinger 1304 sewing machine
Portable Sewing machine
with inbuilt stitches
and auto winding system

There are tons of sewing machines you will find except for your child. So, it’s always hard to get the best starter sewing machine for the child. Nevertheless, we have given it our best to arrange some options for you and found them in some different category wise as per the age of your child. You can get a complete idea that must be perfect for your child.

However, after going through this guide, the confusion will clear and you will be able to make the right choice.

Best starter sewing machine for child 2020

1. Best sewing machine for 3-year-old

Toy sewing machine for toddlers also is in demand as parents want their children to be active from the beginning of their life. Artistic tasks like sewing really can help a child to be sharp and intelligent.

1.1. Simlug Children Sewing Machine Box

When it comes to the sewing machines for toddlers, Simlug Children Sewing Machine Box is totally suitable. 

  • Gauge to measure. 
  • Made of durable ABS material.
  • Store on tent drawer.
  • Light function to sew.
Best sewing machine for 3-year-old child

The best aspect of the Simlug Children Sewing Machine is that it has the perfect protection shield to save kid’s hands from any kind of sewing accident. 

This machine comes with an in-build drawer to store the stuff which is significant for a kid’s sewing machine. 

The build quality of this is handy as it is made of ABS material. Because of this, it has the compatibility to handle the pressure a starter sewing machine rarely has.

Another positive aspect of this machine is the in pack measuring tape. Though children don’t believe in any measuring to make them comfortable and use to with this kind of tool is important.

It is one of the Easiest to operate and a noise-free machine. The toddler can set it up on their own and use it as well. In fact, don’t need any third person’s help after a certain time.

In build, the lighting option makes it easier to use. During sewing, it is really important to stay focus as it is a real artistic job. So to be ready for the future, this is a real plus.

This is a total manual and easy to use device which allows a user to get to know every tiny thing about sewing.


  • Flexible Switch to on/off.
  • Has Lighting, needle shield, and electric remote control.
  • Sewing Adjusting coil and light in weight.
  • Hand runner to sew manually.
  • All the tools like scissors, rulers are available inbox.


  • Only useable to learning purpose.

1.2. Katewolf Sewing Machine

Katewolf is one of the best sewing machines for the child. It comes with all the features that a child will be benefited from. The experience of using a sewing machine at this age has to be changed after this.

  • Great for home use.
  • It is battery efficient.
  • Easy threading system.
  •  It is a portable machine.
Best sewing machine for 3-year-kids

The LED system of this machine is super powerful which shines down on the fabric to help the learner perfectly. By this, it seems easier to adapt to the pattern of sewing.

Because this is a portable sewing machine, it is useable in any position, and no need to overthink a dedicated space. Added that Child doesn’t enjoy being in the same position for a long.

The main thing about a sewing machine is stitching comfortability. When it comes to toddlers? That should come first. In that case, Katewolf Sewing Machines’ simple stitching selection and the outcome are real handy.

Katewolf Sewing Machine comes with a super simple and easy Threading system. That is something always complicated and hard task to set up a sewing machine ready for work. In that case, this has done a tremendous job.

The build quality of this machine is smooth and shiny. That is why the child will not get hurt from its surface. 

It is possible to work for 12 hours continuously without any battery and operated by electricity.

Abs material used in the machine is the right choice for a child sewing machine as a child doesn’t know how to take care of their stuff.


  • It can be used to sew stuff at home.
  • Easy threading system.
  • Long-lasting build material and reliability.
  • Flexible Switching.


  • The use of Remote control can be complicated for a child.

1.3. Sew cool machine

Sew cool machine is the perfect and Best sewing machine for 3-year-old child. There is no other one that can provide the total package like this inbox.

  • Guard around the needle. 
  • Automatic light to sew.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Toy type look.
Sew cool machine

Because of the built-in and attached needle and threading system no extra headache to thread. A child can start using it anytime without the help of an adult.

There is no space to put anything except fabrics under the needle reasoning, the safest guard facility. It is totally blocked from every aspect.

Toy type looks works positive for children. Help the child to be attracted to this machine and curious about this sewing machine.

The ready-made projects provided with the machine is beneficial to start. It is also helped to know the in and out about the projects.

In build Button offers, One press sewing starts without any manual effort and stops also.

Materials like, 3 PRE Cut Projects, 1 Strap, 22 Embellishments, 1 Bag of Stuffing, 1 Instruction Guide for 6 extra projects are there in a pack of this machine.


  • Handy Sewing performance.
  • Automatic sewing machine.
  • Sewing Adjusting coil.
  • The Safest machine for the child.


  • The quality of inbox ornaments is not satisfactory.

2. Best sewing machine for 5-year-old

5 years old kids are not at the same level as they used to be once. Now, they are focused and clear about their interest. In some cases, they are on the way to the path of their success. In terms of sewing also, they are on the point.

2.1. Beletops Portable Household Sewing Machine

Beletops is one of the finest sewing machines for kids available in the market. This can be used for all kinds of sewing in a household with obviously for the learning purpose of a child.

  • Dual speeding feature.
  • Double thread. 
  • Lightweight sewing machine.
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding option.
  • LED Night Light for sewing.
Best sewing machine for 5-year-old

Because it is a portable sewing machine it provides a huge advantage and flexibility to the user. Adding with that, This is a lightweight and electrical machine. All in all, it serves as an enjoyable experience.

There is not a huge number of machines available with a double threading option within $100. 

LED Night light feature makes it an ideal option and improves the performance of the machine. 

The foot pedal program ensures the multitasking room makes it the easiest to operate. It is the reason user can focus totally on the sewing space and ensure a better outcome.

Apart from these, this machine is capable to handle any kind of fabric which makes it an all-rounder and beast machine.

The Needle Threader helps it to do the complicated task easiest, threading is just nothing special on it.

There is an in build unique U shape cuff slot design opening in this sewing machine. This actually prefers to sew any round cloth with any headache.


  • Best working space.
  • Thread cutter and Double threading facility.
  • Pedal operating system.
  • Smaller and portable.


  • The needle shield is not available for kids.

2.2. Sew cool sew n style machine

Race to Get the Best sewing machine for 5-year-old could be at the end after know about Sew cool sew n style machine. 

  • Stuff drawer in the machine. 
  • Made of durable ABS material.
  • Proficient needle guard.
Sew cool sew n style machine

The best plus of Sew cool sew n style machine is that they are available in a ready-to-use condition. There is no need for its installation.

Glitter fabrics are better for learning purposes or simple and easy projects. There are two sheets of glitter fabric to do so in the box.

Also, there are 2 Cool Maker Pre-Cut Projects which helped to know the project initially.

Different embellishment used in the project to make it more attractive and this machine comes with a total pack of those.

The double bobbin is not artificial in the toy type or starter sewing machine. Where This mini sewing machine is an exception.

This is a total manual and easy to use device which allows a user to get to know every tiny thing about sewing.


  • Lightweight sewing machine.
  • Heavy needle guard.
  • Hassle-free threading.
  • Flexible Switch to on/off.


  • Not for high-end project.

2.3. Mini sewing machine with extension table

Many people prefer this mini sewing machine with an extension table. Because of the adjustable double speed feature of its.

  • Portable sewing machine.
  • Bigger working space.
  • Built-in LED Light.
  • Made of durable ABS material.
Mini sewing machine with extension table

This mini sewing machine features both a foot pedal and push button to start the sewing. If anyone is comfortable with a manual system like pedal sewing, definitely will love it.

Because of ABS material, it has the consistency to provide better efficiency.

Extension table with this, Designed for quilts and other larger projects, the extension table gives the extra space to maneuver the project while sewing.

Adjustable sewing speed solace the user to sew as per their response sense. Mostly, a child is not capable to match the speed of the general speed of the machine, that is why it does valuable.

The double bobbin is not artificial in the toy type or starter sewing machine. Where This mini sewing machine is an exception.

This is a total manual and easy to use device which allows a user to get to know every tiny thing about sewing.


  • Space diligent.
  • Dual power option.
  • Sewing Adjusting coil.
  • Inbuilt thread cutter.
  • Smooth handwheel.


  • It doesn’t for heavy fabrics.

3. Best sewing machines for 11-year-olds

When it comes to a sewing machine for toddlers, Wenasi handheld mini sewing machine set is totally suitable. 

3.1. Singer 1304 sewing machine

To start the sewing journey for learning purposes and for small projects, Singer 1304 sewing machine is the best sewing machine in the market. It has been one of the popular sewing machines for a long time among all.

  • 6 built-in stitches. 
  • Free Arm sewing machine.
  • Automatic bobbin winding system.
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter.
Singer 1304 sewing machineSinger 1304 sewing machineSinger 1304 sewing machine

Even though Singer 1304 sewing machine is a portable and lighter weight sewing machine. The feature, it carries is comparable to many high-end devices.

Built-in 4-step buttonhole facilitates adding buttonholes in the project and make it certain. The baby clothes and the household project do require a buttonhole in many ways.

There are some inbuilt basic and zigzag stitches and to select the required one, the smooth stitch dialer is just fabulous. No experience is required to use it.

Heavy Duty Metal consists of The internal skeleton of the sewing machine. The frame holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for skip-free sewing and overall durability. It does grant the long lusting guarantee. 

The pressure feet has to be the finest for reliable sewing. This singer 1304 includes three different types of feet which can be used for buttonhole, zipper, and regular.

It has to be the finest swing machine for a beginner. We also recommend this extraordinary machine to the viewer if they are looking for any sewing machine to learn and use for the project.


  • 25-Year Warranty.
  • Quick and easy threading.
  • Bag of accessories (small).
  •  2 spool pin felts.
  • 4 bobbins and 4 needles are there in the box.


  • No speed customization option.

3.2. Easy to use Janome Arctic crystal sewing machine

Many prefer the machine with Heavy Duty interior metal frame because they are reliable than others. Janome Arctic crystal sewing machine is a metal frame one though it’s a starter engine.

  • Including 15 stitches. 
  • Dual Retractable Vertical Spool Pins.
  • LED Sewing Space Light.
  • Easy Stitch Selection.
Janome Arctic crystal sewin

Four Different types of pressure feet for General Purpose, Zipper, Blind Hemming, Sliding Buttonhole carry this machine to beloved of all. These options assist the child to have a better experience.

The working space of the Janome arctic sewing machine is removable, it is possible to use full size or smaller space as per the project. This feature makes it a free arm sewing machine.

Front Loading Bobbin System with built-in bobbin loading guide found inside the bobbin area of this which can be useful even if the fabric is under the feet.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Zigzag Width by dialing the easy-to-use dialer. It favors the beginner.

The reverse stitching of this machine is outstanding, that never stuck when sewing. Which facilitates completing the project flawlessly.

Accessories like Bobbins, Needles, Seam Ripper, Darning Plate, Quick Start Guide, Instruction Manual come with the machine which is essential.


  • Front-Loading Bobbin System.
  • Removable Free Arm.
  • The thread length is effective and stable.
  • It comes with standard accessories.


  • Some might find the front-loading bobbin design hard to work with.
  • There’s no thread cutter

3.3. Brother xm2701 lightweight children’s sewing machine

The Brother XM2701 lightweight sewing machine is perfect for beginners who are learning to sew and more advanced sewers who are looking for versatility.

  • It comes with 6 sewing feet. 
  • 4 in box bobbins.
  •  Includes 27 built-in stitches.
  •  An auto-size buttonhole.
Brother xm2701 lightweight children’s sewing machine

The versatile free arm is something provides a sewer to work on a different kind of and different sized projects. Brother xm2701 lightweight children’s sewing machine has a perfect and flexible one.

mostly, people find threading is a pain in the brother brand machines. But in the case of brother xm2701, it’s not the same. They did consider the child in mind for this one. It is one of the easiest to thread device.

 The Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin facilitates bobbin threading fast and bobbin cover transparent. To sew in a flow it is essential. 

It is one of the Easiest machines to learn sewing. The instruction that comes with the machine does has the range to teach step by step processing.

To conclude, this machine has all the material and feature a learner or beginner Love.


  • Built-in easy needle threader.
  • Automatic bobbin winding system.
  • Reliable Hand runner to sew manually.
  • Jam-resistant Quick-Set top drop-in bobbin.


  • The quality of LED light is not standard.

3.4. Brother cs6000i sewing machine

Brother is one of the trusted manufacturers of the sewing machine. Performance-wise right at the top alongside singer and Janome. The brother cs6000i comes with great features.

  • Drop-in top bobbin. 
  • HD touch screen display.
  • Automatic needle threading system.
  • 7 styles of auto-size buttonholes.
Brother cs6000i sewing machine

This sewing machine is one of the most elegant looking machines in the market. It is one of the most comfortable ones to move around in the house.

Brother CS6000i includes 60 built-in sewing stitches that can be modified by adjusting stitch length and stitch width.

This machine features accessories like a hard protective case which makes this machine durable when it is not in use and a wide table to work on a big project like quilting. The sewing feet is something significant to the project as the different projects required different and Brother cs6000i has 10 different ones in the pack.

The translucent LCD screen of this use to Easily select stitches with the touch of a button and view the selections on the display.

There are some extra buttons in this machine as a start-stop button, reverse sewing button, needle up/down button, and variable speed control makes it easy to use for the beginner and learner.

If you want to begin the sewing professionally this heavy-duty sewing machine is perfect all the way. This is easiest to use and that is why a child can also use this and learn by using it.

All in all, the price range of this machine can be a little higher than other sewing machines on the list. But it will serve the child also after the learning period. There will be no requirement to upgrade the machine.


  • 9 presser feet included in this machine.
  • 60+ built-in stitches.
  • Perfect for the bigger projects.
  • Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin.
  • Ductile on/off, speed control, and reverse-swing buttons to make sewing easy.


  • 25 years warranty is limited.

Benefits if a child learns sewing

There is and should be a reason behind what we do and think of. To get the best starter sewing machine for child for the learning purpose is looking like a clear fact but not specified. We tried to expand some reason to you which might be beneficial for you.

Intelligence: Sewing is an artistic task and it does require intelligence To complete a project uniquely. By analyzing and researching something like this, help to reach perfection. In the case of the child also, Whenever they are investing their time with a sewing machine, It does assist them to sharpen their brain by thinking about it directly or indirectly.

Creative: This is something must around every other aspect we can think of. By learning sewing, the child does introduce themselves to the ocean of creativity. From threading to completion of a project sewing enforce a personality to be creative.

Confident: every human being felt confident in life hood if they are capable to do something special. Nothing different over here. A child can feel special if they are well aware of sewing and know every a and z.

Work Oriented: People of this era are lazier than before and getting more and more by the generation passing away. Sewing is something that can help the child to be on the right path by getting interested in it.

Cheerful: To make a child away from depression and motivate them in life, sewing can do its part.

Buying guide of best sewing machine for a child

The requirements of an ordinary sewing machine and a child sewing machine shouldn’t be the same. A child sewing machine can giveaway some specials feature for getting a simple one.

We have arranged a few absolute features of The best sewing machine for a child should have.


safety has to come first for the child sewing machine. The machine with the Security of needle guard and smooth body design can be considered as a safe sewing machine for kids.

Auto threading:

For the child, threading is close to impossible, as they can’t use their sensible skill initially. If the machine doesn’t have this feature, kids have to have help from the adults to start sewing. That is why it is a necessity of the best sewing machine for a child.

Inbuilt stitches:

The inbuilt stitch help kids to start their project without any special step. At the beginning of sewing learning, it is a headache to work on stitches. Inbuilt stitches can be modified by adjusting stitch length and stitch width


A Portable sewing machine can be used anywhere because of its lightweight feature and flexibility. The child doesn’t feel comfortable in a stable place for a long time, that is why a child sewing machine should be portable.

Easy to use: Child machines all in all should be easy to use and elastic.

Brother xm2701 lightweight children’s sewing machine
Editors Choice

At what age can a child use a sewing machine?

The ideal age of a child for using a sewing machine is after 5 but toy type sewing machine can be used at any age.

What is the best sewing machine for a child?

Brother cs6000i is the best sewing machine for a child in every way. After learning the sewing, the child also can continue a professional career, by this machine.

Why should kids learn to sew?

Sewing can help a child to be intelligent, creative, confident, work-oriented, and cheerful in their life.

What is the easiest thing to sew for beginners?

Fabrics wallet, device cover, towel, birthday banner can be the easiest and creative projects for beginners.

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