Inline vs Tapered crochet hooks

Inline vs Tapered crochet hooks

There are two different kinds of hooks are available in the crochet industry and not every crocheter is aware of them. The names of these types are inline and tapered. when we learn to crochet we learn with one style hook and then maybe later we’ll try other styles.

The core of inline vs tapered crochet hooks, the difference in the shape between the throat and head portions of the hooks. The throats shaft of the inline crochet hooks are plane and the mouth is deeper but the throats shaft of the tapered crochet hooks are less deeper and the slope is also indistinct.

There is some other point of difference between these two types of hooks so that the extensive explanation below to gives you a drastic idea.

Although inline hooks are better, compare to tapered hooks for the beginner. we commonly start our crochet journey with the tapered hook. Because tapered hooks are easy to find in any store, shop, or amazon. The expert always suggests a newbie, To start with an inline crochet hook, because of some advantages for beginners.

In the crochet world, there has been a debate on which hook is superior and what people like more. I believe that the best hook for you is the one you like best. so regardless of what other people are using, if you like a certain hook then that is your go for the hook.

Comparison table of Inline and Tapered crochet hooks

The throat is deep and holds yarn wellThe throat is rounded and not that deep
there is a point on the head, which helps to go throughThe head is totally round in shape.
The Thumb rest is positioned not in the middleThumb rest positioned in the middle of the hook
Deep throat cause extra effort to spit the yarn and result in hand painthe throat frequently loses the yarn but your expertise can handle it by the time.
it is for the slow moverpossible to crochet quickly
Better for BeginnersExpert’s choice

Here in the image, we have these hooks side by side and you can see the compared points. you may already be noticing some differences among these hooks. For better understanding, you can go through the points we have explained.

inline vs tapered crochet hooks

Key differences of inline and tapered crochet hooks

Body Posture

In-line crochet hooks are Flat and stay the same, till the throat of the hook starts. The body of inline hooks is a little wider than tapered hooks.

Tapered hooks are Cylindrical and it transitions into smooth kind of cone-like throat.


The inline hooks are a little deeper compare to tapered hooks. The shaft of a hook determines the size of the stitch so that some work like uniform stitches are recommended by this hook. The throat of the inline hook catches the yarn perfectly and less chance to spit it because of the deep and liner throat. It provides better control over yarn while stitching.

When it comes to a tapered hook, it has less deep than an inline hook. The yarn also can spit out while crocheting, if you don’t know how to handle it.

Thumb Rest

The position of thumb rest is in the different places of these two types of hook. If anyone used to with any certain type, can feel awkward and also can harm the task.

In the case of the inline hook, the thumb rest is closer towards the throat of a hook while the throat of the tapered hook is in the middle position of the hook. Tapered hooks are a little longer in size as well.

Throat of the hooks

The inline style has a more geometric appearance than the tapered hooks. the throat of the inline hook keeps the same circumference all the way up to the head. The cut of the throat is super shiny and flat that it looks like carved it out with a knife. the throat of the hook is almost a flat plane.

On the other hand, the tapered hook becomes decidedly narrower as it gets closer to the tip. the edges of tapered hooks are strong and if we hold this in the throat, it transitions more smoothly.

Point of the hooks

The top of the inline hook has a point. It is beneficial as it helps the hook to get into the stitches in a limited portion.

In terms of the tapered hook, the top of the hook head is rounder. Some people love it because it’s rounder. so it really depends it’s completely a personal preference

In conclusion: Inline vs Tapered crochet hooks

I would encourage you to try both of these hooks to see what you like. I have to say for myself as a crocheter I really prefer a tapered hook for certain yarn and then I like an inline hook for other projects. so it really depends on the project and the yarn that I’m using. if you haven’t used one of these if you’ve only used one and not the other I would encourage you to grab one and do a little bit of experimentation.

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