Best 2 inch embroidery hoop

2 inch embroidery hoop

The point of an embroidery hoop is to keep threads from tangling and to keep your embroidery from slipping off the thread. This is the basic idea behind the embroidery hoop. It is a simple tool that is used to keep embroidery lines from tangling and keeping your embroidery from slipping off the thread.

The 2 inch embroidery hoops are generally used to embroider small items. Baby cloth is a good example to consider. Tiny embroidery hoops are also used for tissue cloths and weak fabrics. 

Nearly all embroidery hoop sets start at 3 inches, so 2 inch hoops are uncommon. It is the smallest embroidery hoop available, even though 1 1/2 inch hoops are sometimes offered. There are custom-made embroidery workers who do that.

Top 3 mini 2 inch embroidery hoop

I have tried to introduce some interesting options of 2-inch embroidery hoops with a brief explanation so that you can select for our task

  1. Jetec mini embroidery hoop

A wooden embroidery hoop ring is a useful tool for those who want to embroider, which helps them create lovely handcrafted items. As a handmade gift choice for family and friends, your finished work will show your skills and taste.

Embroidery hoop ring is equipped with an adjustable ring. To use, you just need to twist the screw to open it, then twist the screw to adjust how tightly the fabric will be sewed, in this way it will remain tight during embroidery.

Material: wood, bamboo, iron with copper plated

Size: approx. 1.18 x 0.98 inch/ 3 x 2.5 cm

Color: as shown in the picture

Shape: round

There are 20 x Wooden round embroidery hoops

There may be a little difference in color because of the different displays. Please allow for this due to the manual measurement.


Wood, bamboo, iron, and copper plated: made with a combination of mechanical and manual production processes, these mini embroidery hoops are extremely smooth and natural, and won’t scratch your hands. Not easy to rust or break, the embroidery hoops make the perfect DIY supplies.

Each piece with a size of 1.18 x 0.98 in/ 3.0 x 2.5 cm measures about 1.18 x 0.98 in/ 3.0 x 2.5 cm. The size is reasonable and enough quantity to fit most embroidery needs, making it fun to do DIY projects!

Convenience and adjustment: designed with a screw adjustment option, the wooden round embroidery hoop enables you to tighten the fabric with ease; Simply twist the screw open, insert the fabric and tighten the screw to maintain the fabric tight, making the embroidery work more enjoyable.

Decorating is fun with little DIY work you can make inside the round cross-stitch hoop, or you can layer a nice canvas inside the round cross-stitch hoop, and hang it in your home to add aesthetic impact, along with some tasteful embellishments.

There are many ways to apply small display frame circles. They can be used for embroidery, needlework and other quilting projects, but can also be used for wall decorations, wedding decorations, garlands for Valentine’s Day, and more, for different applications.

  1. Syhood mini embroidery hoop

This also can be the ideal choice for the crafter who is seeking the best 2 inch embroidery hoop.

It simply requires cutting down the embroidery and sticking it onto the wood. Once that is done, you place it into the wooden frame, seal it with glue, and add a larger wood chip. Finally, put in necklaces, ropes, key chains, etc., and install screws and nuts.

Round wood hoops come in four sizes, 0.98 inch, 1.18 inch, 1.57 inch, and 1.97 inch. The two sizes of the oval vertical section are 2.4 x 1.2 inch/ 6 x 3 cm and 1.8 x 1 inch/ 4.6 x 2.3 cm. The two sizes of the oval crossing section are 2.4 x 1.2 inch/ 6 x 3 cm and 1.8 x 1 inch/ 4.6 x 2.3 cm.

The materials for this sculpture are wood and copper

The pictures show the color of this product

The pictures show the size of the product

In total, 16 sets were manufactured

The following items are included within the package:

The Mini embroidery hoops come in 16 sets

Due to different monitors, there may be slight color differences.

Because this is a handmade product, there will be some variance in the size.

Items include small parts; keep away from little children in case of choking hazards.


An assortment of mini embroidery circles, which are perfect supplies for frame crafts, ornaments, key chains, necklaces, pendants, and more as a personalized gift. The wood chip itself is in natural wood color, which can be painted at will.

Embroidery pieces should be cut to the proper size with scissors, then stuck on the wood, then placed in the wood frame with glue, sealed with another wood chip; Lastly, necklaces, ropes, key chains, etc., should be attached to the frame with screws and nuts.

The diameter of the round wood hoops are 0.98 inch, 1.18 inch, 1.57 inch, and 1.97 inch; the vertical sections are 6×6 cm and 1.8×1 cm; the crossing panels are 6×6 cm and 1.8×1 inch, respectively.

All screws and nuts are made of pure copper, making it an excellent crafting tool necklace ornament; Please note that due to laser cutting, there may be a yellowish color, black color, etc. on the surface, but it will not affect the use of the hoop.

There are 6 sets of mini embroidery hoops, from round (four sizes), to oval vertical (two sizes), to oval horizontal (two sizes), with two sets of each size. There is one wooden frame, two wood chips, one screw, and two nuts in each set.

  1. Jovitec mini ring embroidery hoop

This jovitec mini ring embroidery hoop is Natural wood, smooth surface without thorns. Easy to hold and workable longer.

In order to use it, glue smaller pieces of wood to the back of your embroidery cloth, then place your embroidery cloth over the wooden frame. Then Glue larger pieces of wood to the back of the frame and Cut off the excess fabric around it. At last installation and tightening of screws follows


 These mini wooden hoops have a smooth surface without thorns, are safe and reliable, and will last a long time with proper care. Eight embroidery hoops in various sizes are supplied with this product, and can be combined in diverse ways to meet your needs. With these mini embroidery circles you can create or DIY special gifts, or hang accessories in honor of your beloved family or friends, without hassle and without chafing your hands.

 First of all, glue the smaller wood piece to your embroidery cloth. Outline the shape and cut off the little embroidery. Stick the larger wood piece on the back of the hoop, and finally attach it with a chain. There are different styles and sizes in the pictures

Conclusion of 2 inch embroidery hoop

In summary, the best way to find the right hoop for you is to first decide what you want to use it for. If you want to do small work close to the ear ring, you can choose one of the above which is a 2 inch embroidery hoop. If you’re going to be doing a lot of embroidery, those hoops are ideal, as this will make it easier to do intricate work.

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