What is a point turner in sewing

What is a point turner in sewing?

One of the most favorite gadgets for the sewing room is a point turner. A point turner is definitely very valuable when you’re trying to turn those little points. when you’re turning a pillow or something over and you need to have those little corners nice and square.

So the answer of what is a point turner in sewing is, The tool which used to turn the folded corner of any craft after completion of the assignment is called point turner. This tool also can be used for the round corner stuff. The other end of a point turner is made for the round area. This also uses to crease seams and guide fabric while stitching in the machine.

A point turner is really a handy thing to use. This tool is even on the threadsmagazine top 10 most used tools.

some things you should not use as a point turner

well, you can get away with a couple of things and with a couple of things that I would never use. There are a lot of different things that people use to push out those little corners, and some are definitely not recommended because they are an accident waiting to happen.

A pair of scissors: The tips on the scissors are so tight that they definitely can puncture a hole in the corner, versus turning the corner.

ripper: Well, again, you’re asking for problems.

Pencil: A lot of people will use a pencil but again, your pencil tip is very sharp and it can puncture through your fabric. So if you only have a pencil on hand, break the leadoff and make this sort of a point in just the wood on its own so it’s not so pointy.

Chopsticks: The other thing you can do is use chopsticks. Chopsticks are a great tool to turn with because they do have a bit of a point but not enough that it’s going to puncture through the fabric.

Crochet hook: Crochet hooks again are another thing that’s used and, well, you know what they’re not a bad tool. However, you really have to watch the hook part because it can snap through the thread and pull it through and cause a little bit of grief.

Overview of, What is a point turner in sewing

A point turner must be pointy and there should be a definite point. A point turner that you can purchase can be made of plastic or bamboo. Some plastic turner has two little holes in a different area. These holes are actually for a second reason that has nothing to do with turning the points.

It’s to put a button underneath so that when you sew the button, your button is a little bit off the fabric. It gives you a shaft to use, and the upper hole edge is a little bit thinner than the downer hole. So both of these are used for buttons. The point of the point turner is nice and thin but not too sharp to puncture the fabric.

Which is the choice able Point Turner

The ultimate favorite among the sewing masters is the good old-fashioned bamboo point turner. Everyone loves the way it is shaped. It’s very comfortable to hold because it has a bit of a concave area. It’s nice and thin but it has a good point to it. It also has a round end and I particularly fond of that round end. because a lot of times you can’t get your finger into the fabric to poke out all the parts.

And the round end, you can use to poke out the fabric as much as you can to start with. when you turn the craft around you are able to poke out the point to a nice little end. if you use a pair of scissors to poke, there is a chance it will through.

Even with a pencil, it will come out. So this really works well for pushing out the corners without causing any stress.

The other thing that I like about this is I can use it for many additional things. You can keep it with your sewing machine so that if you are sewing and you need to hold the fabric very close to the foot, this is definitely a lot thinner than my finger and it gets under the foot very nicely.

And It can be used like an iron. If you are near the sewing machine and you need to iron a seam. you can take your fabric and fold it and just with the wooden edge, you can just run along the fold of that fabric. when you open it up It gives you a fold mark. This will give you quick ironing without even leaving the sewing machine.

How to Use a Point Turner

This is not a tough task for the people who are involved with the crafting. If you are using the bamboo-made point turner, just hold it tight and push them to the corner with the pointer of the point turner. You could do it with your finger but the finger doesn’t result perfectly like point turner.

Just change your finger with the turner but the tactic is the same. Do not worry about the damage as if it will go through the fabric. It is specially made for this task and the point is also well calculated. You can push till the amount of pressure the corner is taking to turn. If you want to check the longevity of your fabric with the point turner, it’s a different case.

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