what is a spool pin

A spool pin is a small, pointed metal rod used to hold a spool of thread in place on a sewing machine. It is inserted through the hole in the middle of the spool and into the machine’s bobbin case. The bobbin case holds the bobbin (the part of the sewing machine that holds the thread) against the rotating spindle, which winds the thread onto the bobbin. A sewing machine bobbin can be inserted and removed from the machine without removing the spool pin. Spool pins are also found on some sewing machines with a buttonhole feature. A spool pin is usually made of steel, and can be either straight or bent.

What is the use of a spool pin?

A spool pin is a small, pointed piece of metal that is inserted through the eyelets of a hem to keep it from raveling. It is also used to secure the hem in place by pushing the point through the fabric and into the table or other surface on which the garment is being worked. Spool pins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common are straight or bent, but there are also decorative spools with different designs on them.

Some sewing machines can be adjusted to use either a pin or a hem foot for setting hems.

Do you need a spool pin on a sewing machine?

In sewing, a spool pin is a metal or plastic post on a sewing machine upon which a spool of thread is mounted. When the needle punctures the fabric, the bobbin case holds the lower thread under tension and it is pulled up to the needle. The upper thread comes off of the spool and wraps around the bobbin case as it is pulled down. A spool pin helps to keep the upper thread from unraveling by providing something for it to wrap around.

Where is the spool pin on a sewing machine?

The spool pin is a small, metal rod that protrudes from the top of a sewing machine. It is used to hold the thread spool in place while sewing. The exact location of the spool pin varies depending on the make and model of the machine, but it is typically located on the right or left side of the machine, near the needle. Where is the needle located on a sewing machine? The needle is the sharp point at the bottom of the thread spool. It is used to guide and pull the thread through the fabric when sewing.

How do you deal with a spool pin?

There are a few ways to deal with a spool pin. One way is to use pliers to hold the spool while you wind the yarn around it. Another way is to use a crochet hook to help you wind the yarn around the spool. Where are the spools located on a sewing machine? The spools are typically located on either side of the needle, near the top. In some machines, they can be found below the needle as well. Where is the bobbin located on a sewing machine?

How do I change my singer spool pin?

If you have a singer sewing machine, then you know that it is important to keep the spool pin clean and free of lint and thread build-up. If the spool pin is not kept clean, it can cause problems with your machine’s performance. In this article, we will show you how to clean and adjust your singer spool pin. You can also learn how to change your sewing machine’s bobbin. What is a Singer spool pin? The Singer spool pin is a small piece of metal on the bottom of your sewing machine that acts as part of the feed system for the upper and lower threading mechanisms.

What holds the bottom thread on a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a device used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread. While the mechanics of a sewing machine vary, the fundamental concept is the same: a needle passes through two pieces of cloth, and the bobbin at the bottom of the machine holds the thread that creates the stitch. The bobbin must be loaded with thread before each use, and it is important to ensure that the bottom thread is secure so that it does not come loose during stitching. There are several mechanisms that can hold the bottom thread in place, but the most common is a spring-loaded tension disc. This disc sits on top of the bobbin case and applies pressure to keep the thread in place.

What is the feed dog on a sewing machine?

The feed dog is a small, cog-like wheel located at the bottom of a sewing machine. It is responsible for moving the fabric evenly through the machine while it is being sewn. The feed dog can be raised or lowered depending on the thickness of the fabric, and it can also be turned off when sewing delicate fabrics.

What are the parts of a sewing machine called?

A sewing machine has many different parts, each with a specific name. The main body of the machine is called the head, and it contains the needle and bobbin cases. The part that holds the fabric is called the throat, and the table on which the fabric rests is called the bed. The foot pedal controls the speed of the machine, and the hand wheel moves the needle up and down.

What is presser bar lifter?

A piece of equipment that is used to assist in the process of lifting a presser bar from a pile of fabrics is known as a presser bar lifter. This particular device often consists of a metal frame with two or more arms that are fitted with a rubber or plastic pads. The pads help to protect the fabric from being damaged during the lifting process. A hydraulic cylinder is used to raise and lower the presser bar lifter, which allows for easy removal of the presser bar from the fabric.

What does a bobbin winder do?

A bobbin winder is a tool used to wind thread onto a bobbin. This is done by attaching one end of the thread to the bobbin winder and then turning the handle. The bobbin winder will rotate and wrap the thread around the bobbin. This process makes it easier to sew with because there is already a supply of thread on the bobbin.


In conclusion, a spool pin is an important part of a sewing machine. It helps to guide the fabric through the machine. When purchasing a new sewing machine, be sure to check that the spool pin is included. If it is not, you may be able to purchase one separately.

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